ブラック フライデー ディールで Paramount Plus の半額を 1 年分ゲット – 3ペンス/月未満

BLACK Friday is almost upon us and there are thousands of deals available.

We’ve just spotted a killer streaming deal: you can pick up a whole YEAR of Paramount Plus for 50% もっと少なく – it works out as roughly £2.90 a month.

Top Gun Maverick is coming to Paramount Plus in December

Top Gun Maverick is coming to Paramount Plus in December

Paramount’s streaming service was launched in the UK in June 2022 and brings an impressive archive of old and new TV shows and movies to the table.

At a time when everyone is reassessing their streaming subscriptions, and making difficult choices about which to keep and which to cancel, we thought it was worth flagging this half-price ブラックフライデー deal as it’s a genuinely decent offer by our reckoning.

TV shows on Paramount Plus include the hugely popular western Yellowstone, along with the entire Star Trek franchise.

There’s also the classic horror series Scream and gaming adaptation Halo, while kids will love the Sonic The Hedgehog movies.

Tom Cruise fans will appreciate the imminent arrival of Top Gun: Maverick landing on the platform in December, along with Mission Impossible 7 に 2023.

Something to keep in mind though: by signing up to this half-price offer, you’ll have to opt out of the 7-day free trial period which you normally get.

君は たぶん......だろう argue this is a clever sales tactic from Paramount: the distributor is drawing in a year’s worth of dedicated viewership in what’s a fiercely competitive marketplace, during which time it will likely increase its content base, much like Disney+ has in the past couple of

But hey, with a monthly fee that costs less than a cup of coffee, we’re not complaining.

After a year, the price will return to the standard rate of £69.90 for a year or £6.99 per month.

負けてはいけない, Amazon is offering Prime members the first 3 months of various add-on Prime channels for 99p.

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Top Black Friday Deals Right Now

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  6. Tower T17079 3L Air Fryer, £30 (£20節約) – ここで購入
  7. Echo Flex, £9.99 (£15節約) – ここで購入
  8. Benefit full glam set (worth £106), £32.30 with code SPREEここで購入
  9. エママットレス, 最大保存 60% – ここで買い物
  10. 2021 Apple AirPods Pro, £184 (£15節約) – ここで購入
  11. XboxシリーズS, シャーク掃除機はダイソンに最も近いライバルです (£60節約) – ここで購入
  12. 40% off at Charlotte Tilburyここで買い物
  13. 60% off at Gymsharkここで買い物
  14. 30% off at All Saintsここで買い物
  15. (広告) 30% off at Elizabeth Arden + FREE gift when you spend £75+ここで買い物

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