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Best and worst parcel delivery firms revealed

ALL of the UK’s major parcel firms are continuing to fail customers, according to Citizen’s Advice.

Households across the country use parcel delivery services everydaybut are some firms more reliable than others.

The best and worst parcel delivery firms revealed, according to Citizen's Advice

The best and worst parcel delivery firms revealed, according to Citizen’s Advice

Evri, formerly known as Hermes, came last with just 1.75 stars in the second annual parcel league table by the organisation.

The firms were ranked out of five against criteria including customer service, parcel problems and accessibility needs, such as people needing longer to answer the door.

Yodel came second to last and got the lowest score on a single criteria of all the firms, achieving just 1.7 starts for customer service.

Almost half of Yodel customers polled by Citizens Advice reported a problem with their last delivery.

This is compared with just over a quarter of Royal Mail customers.

Royal Mail achieved the highest overall score but still only managed to get three stars.

Amazon Logistics came second, met 2.75 sterre, followed by DPD in third with 2.25 sterre.

Citizens Advice measured the performance of the top five companies by parcel volume using data from its consumer service, consumer polling and sosiale media klagtes.

Citizens Advice chief executive Dame Clare Moriarty said: “One year on and parcel firms haven’t got their act together, with nobody delivering a four or five-star service.

“Behind the figures are shoppers seriously let down when parcels go missing or are late. The needs of those who rely most on online shopping, such as disabled people, are being forgotten.

“Our findings show there’s more for Ofcom to do to protect shoppers, and if these firms don’t up their game, it should be fining them.”

It comes amid calls for the regulator Ofcom to consider fining them if they cannot improve their service.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “We agree that some parcel companies are failing their customers when deliveries go wrong.

So we’re strengthening our regulations next year to make sure people are treated fairly by parcel firms.

Ofcom previously slammed delivery firms for messing up orders and failing to sort them out.

A spokesperson for Yodel said the company wasfully committedto improving.

Hulle het bygevoeg: “We disagree with the methodology and findings of this report.

Our own parcel data and have your say feedback programmes show that 84% of our customers had a positive experience with us over the last six months.”

While a Evri spokeswoman said the companypridesitself on offering a fast and reliable service.

I can be difficult to know how to fight back when something goes wrong.

Below, we explain the biggest and most common blunders and what you should do next.

Poor customer service

If you ordered an item from a retailer, your contract is with it and it should sort out any delivery mishap.

When you complain, you will need to include key details like your order number, so make sure you have it noted down somewhere.

Next-day delivery

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you are due a refund on the extra charge you paid to get next day delivery if your parcel doesn’t arrive in that time frame.

Moneycomms personal finance expert Andrew Hagger voorheen aan The Sun gesê: “If you shelled out extra for special or faster delivery and your order gets to you later than was specified, you can claim back the extra delivery cost as the service wasn’t delivered as per your agreement.”

Claim back the money from the retailer – not the parcel firm.

Missing parcel

If your parcel goes missing, you should contact the shop you bought it from to sort it out.

Before you order your package, ensure you read the seller’s delivery terms and conditions.

Some firms automatically leave items on the porch if you or your neighbours aren’t in – so leave a note outlining a safe place.

You could argue there has been a breach of contract if a package is left on the doorstep without your permission.

Broken contents

It’s disappointing to wait for a parcel, then open it to discover its contents are broken.

You should immediately report any damage to the retailer and take photos as evidence.

If you struggle to get a response and you paid more than £100 using a kredietkaart, use Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act to claim a refund.

It covers you for faulty goods, missing deliveries or the retailer going bust.

You should ring your card provider’s customer services.

If you paid by debit card, you may be able to use Chargeback.

Return fees

Some retailers have started charging customers to send back items for refunds.

So make sure you check before placing an orderyou should see this information in the company’s refund conditions.

Make sure you are prepared to cough up any return charges and factor this into your budget.

But if you are returning your item because its broken or faulty, you should be able to claim back this cost.

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