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Non sono stato invitato al compleanno del mio ragazzo, ma i suoi figli e i suoi genitori sì

CARO DEIDRE: MY boyfriend is spending his birthday with his kids and his parents and there is not one hint of me being invited.

We are both 52 and have been together for over a year.

He has two sons who I’ve never met
He has two sons who I’ve never met

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He has two sons who I’ve never met and yet he’s spent time with all of my family and stays over at mine regularly.

I thought we’d turned a corner a couple of weeks ago when he took me to his house where he lives with his grown-up boys.

But when we arrived, he left me in the car, while he dashed in to grab his overnight bag.

dopo, I asked him what he was hiding and he said: “Nothing babe. Just give it time.”

Now his birthday is coming up and I’m upset there’s no invitation. Am I being unreasonable?

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DEIDRE DICE: The tidiness of the house may not have been up to his standard for a first impression.

But not being invited out on his birthday is upsetting.

Ask him whether his birthday would be a good time for you to meet the rest of his family.

You never know, he might just say yes.

If he stalls, you need to tell him directly that you would like your relationship to progress and that means meeting his family.

Ask him how he feels about that.

You will only work this through if you ask him directly.

I’m sending my support pack Taking Care Of Your Relationship to help.

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