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The Apprentice’s Karren Brady loses patience with bickering contestants

THE Apprentice panellist Karren Brady has been seen losing her patience with the bickering contestants after a task took a bad turn.

The businesswoman could be seen rolling her eyes as she watched as chaos descended on one group of hopefuls in the BBC One competition.

Karren looked disappointed to see the team arguing

Karren looked disappointed to see the team arguingKrediet: BBC
Harpreet could be seen bossing the boys around in the challenge

Harpreet could be seen bossing the boys around in the challengeKrediet: BBC

Karren, 52, could be seen making furious notes as she watched on while they tried their best to make a non-alcoholic vodka, lime and soda.

Contestants Aaron Willis, Akeen Bundu-Kamara, Alex Short and Harpreet Kauer had been put together as a team for the drinks related challenge.

The group were filmed trying to put together ingredients to create a drink that tastes just like the alcoholic version of the drink, but at 0 per cent volume.

Bossing the team around, Harpreet looked to have lost her patience as she told the boys to follow her instructions andonly listen to her voice”.

OK guys, I want you to listen to meplease just my voicefive drops of salt unless you think we should put more, like ten?” the entrepreneur said.

I’m going to do one with ten, and then I’ll make one more with five drops, get another one going now,” Alex could be seen arguing back.

“Geen, we’re not making anymore drinks, we haven’t got time. We’re not making another one, please just make this, ten drops of salt,” Harpreet hit out.

I have one question for you guys, please look at me. Does this taste like a vodka, lime and soda?” Harpreet then asked her team, placing a hand on her head.

“Geen, it tastes like a lime drink, you can’t replicate vodka,” Aaron responded, as she hit back: “It’s as close to a vodka like soda as the others we’ve had today? Ja.”

Throughout the exchange, Karren could be seen making notes and looking unimpressed as she told the team: “You really have to get on with this.

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