Vicky Pattinson breaks down after emotional confession about alcohol abuse

VICKY Pattison has opened up about her struggle with alcohol in an emotional social media post.

The former Geordie Shore star, 34, has been working with Channel 4 on a documentary about alcohol abuse.

Vicky saw the first rough cut of her Channel 4 documentary today

Vicky saw the first rough cut of her Channel 4 documentary today
The star posted this selfie on her Instagram grid

The star posted this selfie on her Instagram grid

今日, she went and watched the first rough cut of the show, and explained how it left her “無言”

Vicky posted a selfie to her Instagram grid, writing a long and heartfelt caption about the upcoming release.

She started: “It’s not often I’m rendered speechless.

But after watching the first cut of my new documentary with channel 4 今日… That’s honestly what I am.

The star spoke about her father’s battle with alcohol abuse: “My dad’s illness & my own complicated relationship with alcohol is something that has had a profound affect on who I am as a person.

At times, when I wasn’t in the best place- when I was abusing alcohol & depending on it I would lie awake at night wondering if this was just it- the start of that slippery slope.

And in my darkest moments, I truly believed that it was just a forgone conclusion- that no matter how hard I tried to be something different, something more or something better… “

The heartbreaking post continued: “I was always just going to end up an alcoholic like my dad, hurting the people I loved & unable to break the toxic cycle.

And for years, that’s why I pushed people away or had transient friendships- because I was so scared of getting close to people as I believed eventually I’d just end up letting them down & hurting them through my inevitable behaviour 🥺

Vicky continued: “I feel so nervous about sharing something so raw & being so vulnerable with you all, but after seeing that sneak peek today I am so pleased I took that step

I want everyone to understand more about what it means to be the child of an alcoholic, I want everyone to understand more about addiction & learn more than just the negative narrative we’ve been spoon fed.

It is an illness- & people suffering with it need our understanding, our kindness but also our strength too- I spent too long enabling a person I love & I know now that I was really only protecting myself.

The star added: “何よりも, I want anyone struggling to know they are not alone and that they do not have to be defined by their mistakes, their parents decisions or their past

Mistakes, moments of weakness, stumblesthey are lessons, not life sentences- so remember that and don’t be too hard on yourself, or the ones you loveAnd move forward with compassion and understanding and the hope that tomorrow will be a better day.. 💙”

彼女は結論を下した: “I hope this documentary helps anyone struggling and I really can’t wait for you all to see it.

“ビッキー・パターソン: アルコール, my dad and meComing this summer to @channel4 🤍

Vicky’s friends, family and followers all rushed to the comment section to support her.

Dreamboys star Rogan O’Connor wrote: “Love you Vick! また, Speechless is a good look for you 😂❤️x

Towie’s Pete Wicks commented: “❤️❤️❤️

And one fan wrote: “100% – your parents illness & addiction doesn’t define you although sometimes you live in fear that you’re making the same mistakes they did.

Thank you for documenting this. A lot of people suffer in silence from growing up in an environment of addiction.

More people need to know that the mistakes they made are not a definition of who you are!”


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After her emotion-filled post, Vicky posted an Instagram story of herself tearing up.

彼女はそれをキャプションしました: “God I’m just so overwhelmed”.

ありがたいことに, the former I’m A Celeb winner didn’t stay tearful for too long, as she got ready for her holiday.

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The star said she felt overwhelmed

The star said she felt overwhelmed
She then went for a DrMediSpa appointment

She then went for a DrMediSpa appointment
The star showed off her glowing skin

The star showed off her glowing skin

Vicky Pattison looks almost unrecognisable after incredible ‘titty transformation’ glow up