厄介なクモを家から永久に追い出します – わずか30pの費用

HOUSEHOLDS across the UK are about to be besieged by a plague of giant spidershere’s how to banish the creepy crawlies for good.

Experts predict that homes will start to see a massive influx of the eight legged critters, when their mating seasons begins.

You can follow these simply and cost effective tricks to keep spiders at bay

You can follow these simply and cost effective tricks to keep spiders at bayクレジット: ゲッティ

The majority of Britain’s 650 species of spiders are harmless.

But if you’re not a fan, you don’t need to break the bank to critter-proof your home.

In autumn, male spiders leave their webs and crawl into our homes through gaps in windows, doors and other vents looking for a female to mate with.

Keeping your house clutter and dirt-free helps to eliminate dark, dusty spots where spiders love to hang out.

Washing, dusting and vacuuming regularly will get rid of any cobwebs that could contain unhatched baby arachnid egg sacs.

しかしながら, as spiders sniff with their legs, it’s wise to spray a solution to blitz around the home to keep the pests at bay.

しかしながら, don’t get duped into paying £5+ on store-bought spider repellent sprays which often contain a combination of toxic ingrediants.

代わりに, it’s best to opt to make up your own non-toxic spray solution – わずか30pの費用.

We list the cheapest methods which can be used to deter spiders from your home.

Use citrus fruits to your advantagecosts 30p

Citrus scents are a great deterrent for spiders in your home. The smell is overwhelming for the critters and a simple citrus and water solution can become your best friend here.

You can bag a single lemon for only 30p from セインズベリーの そして テスコ.

Freshly squeeze a whole lemon, pour the contents into a spray bottle and top it off with tap water.

Spray the solution liberally in areas prone to spiders and you can even wipe the peel along window sills for the ultimate spider deterrent.

The solution is non-toxic and is save to use around your home if you’ve got pets.

It’s also worth looking out for citrus-fragranced furniture polishes and cleaning products too, and use liberally.

Choose minty fragrancescosts £1.99

Spiders hate peppermint, so the fragrance is your best friend. Invest in a bottle of peppermint essential oil and apply to known lurking spots.

Use neat in crevices or mix twenty drops with water to spray around sills, skirting boards, ventilation holes and fabrics, including duvet covers, pillows, towels and curtains. Re-apply regularly to keep the aroma strong.

You can get a 30ml of peppermint essential oils when shopping on online marketplaces.

Collect conkers – 無料で

Conkers are well known as a natural spider deterrent as they are believed to contain a chemical the creepy critters hate.

Collect horse chestnuts to scatter around your house – place them near skirting boards, on window sills and in dark corners, for example under the bed.

But take care if you have ペット as they can be poisonous.

For other tips on keeping the spiders at bay this Autumn, view our SOS Spider Survival guide.