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Ciclista vigilante pega motorista em seu telefone que faz 'discurso bizarro'

A VIGILANTE cyclist who spotted a man on his phone while behind the wheel in traffic faced a ‘bizarre tiradefrom the driver.

The video of the incident was uploaded by YouTube user CyclingMikey, who has been filming bad drivers from his helmet cam since 2009.

This driver was caught on his phone in traffic in London's Hyde Park

This driver was caught on his phone in traffic in London’s Hyde ParkCrédito: YouTube – cyclingmikey

This video was shot in Hyde Park in Londres and starts with the cyclist making his way along a line of cars in traffic looking for drivers on their phones.

He eventually spots a man in a silver VW drop-top on his and turns back to confront the driver about it.

He sneaks up on the driver from behind to make sure he gets a shot of him using the phone on his camera before the driver realises he’s there.

After some pleasantries, things quickly turn ugly.

The cyclist asks: “Why do you think I’m filming you? Any idea?”

To which the driver replies: “I’m stationary.

I’m ex-military brother, I have honour, integrity and my brother died in my hands. He was special forces.

The cyclist invites the driver to drive on, but the driver keeps talking, driving into the kerb as he’s looking the wrong way.

The cyclist asks the driver to watch where he’s going, and the driver says he was following protocols.

Eventualmente, the driver tries to suggest he’s done what he can to help the cyclist overcome his ‘challengesand help other people.

Then the VW accelerates off in another dangerous move towards a crossing pedestrian.

The video explains that the incident was reported to the police, but that they were unable to identify the driver.

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Everybody was saying the same thing in the comments on the YouTube video.

Simon Gray said: “I’m ex-military myself and I have to say that I can’t stand people who try to use their (alleged) service to receive special treatment or excuse their bad behaviour.

Cactusbase said: “Anyone who has that level of arrogance, lack of self-control, abysmal awareness and driving skills is no way ex-military.

And no way should they be allowed to keep a driving licence.

While The Cutting Sark said: “As soon as I heard him say he had honour and integrity in a posh voice I knew he had been through Sandhurst Royal Military Academy.

The cyclist approached the driver from behind to get the shot

The cyclist approached the driver from behind to get the shotCrédito: YouTube – cyclingmikey
The driver then went into a tirade, eventually accelerating off

The driver then went into a tirade, eventually accelerating offCrédito: YouTube – cyclingmikey