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Tutte le migliori scelte per il nuovo conduttore conservatore di The View poiché i fan vogliono che Whoopi sia licenziato

THE VIEW fans have weighed in on who they want, and don’t want to be the fifth host of the talk show.

The ABC show has struggled with finding a co-host for the conservative seat after Meghan McCain left in 2021.

The View has struggled to find a host to replace Meghan McCain

The View has struggled to find a host to replace Meghan McCain
Fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin will be chosen to fill the spot

Fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin will be chosen to fill the spot

Amid the hunt to fill the spot, a series of guest co-hosts have been taking turns coming on the show.

Secondo Cinema Blend, producers are aiming to fill the seat before the start of the show’s 25th season in the Fall.

Ci sono signs that a host has already been chosen.

The View will most likely name its new permanent co-host before the current season ends on August 5, il New York Post segnalato.


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The panel dropped an obvious hint during the Hot Topics section on the July 14 mostrare.

Alyssa Farah Griffin came back to co-host The View for a second time.

The Former White House Director of Strategic Communications has been getting along well with the other panelists and fans believe she might have secured her spot as a permanent co-host.

During the Hot Topics section, fans thought Alyssa wasthoughtful” e “transparenton the topics.

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As they talked about Donald Trump and the January insurrection on the Capitol, Alyssa expressed her opinion but remained respectful about it.

They then went on to talk about how women who were involved with the former President have towatch their backanytime they are out in public.

Whoopi Goldberg said that a lot of women have gone through the same thing.

She then smiled at Alyssa and said, “You know what? We’ve got your backand then cleared her throat before going to commercial.

Fans thought this might have been a hint to Alyssa coming back to co-host.

Throughout the entire show, she kept a level head and delivered informative thoughts, which made fans want her to be the permanent host.


Comedian Wanda Sykes was scheduled to appear on The View last week but reportedly called it off after finding out who was co-hosting.

Secondo il [object Window], when Wanda’s publicist was made aware that Alyssa was going to co-host Friday’s episode, Wanda wanted out.

A View insider told the Daily Beast: “She didn’t want to be part of helping a Trumper launder her reputation.

Fans agreed with her.

Un fan ha detto: “We don’t need toxic Trump rejects for this show to be interesting!”

Another angry viewer said: “If she is hired, I’m out all over again!

Do the producers not see how excited we all were when Meghan left?!! I have not missed her for one second!”

I fan di Ye non erano sicuri del motivo per cui il rapper stesse promuovendo McDonald's durante il più grande evento sportivo dell'anno: “I don’t like her at all. I was hoping they would take a closer look at Tara Setmayer.

I can’t tolerate any of these Trumpers who should be shunned, not hired.

Sunny Hostin also recently threw shade at Alyssa during a show.

Sunny has been the one sitting next to Alyssa throughout the week, and fans were shocked when the two clashed right at the beginning, kicked things off during Monday’s broadcast.

Un fan ha twittato: “OH DAMN…. looks like Sunny is starting the week off right by throwing a LOT of good shade at Alyssa.”

The user included a clip of Sunny saying: “I’m very curious as to Alyssa’s opinion on this, because she probably knows [Steve] Bannon and all the other crazy people she used to work with.

Così, I’m very curious as to what you think.”

The audience laughed at all of the sarcasm dripping from Sunny’s voice.

The shading and clashing continued on Tuesday and really ramped up on Wednesday, with fans commenting on how “Sunny stays on Alyssa’s neck.”

Un altro ha detto: “That’s right Sunny! Hold…Alyssa Farah Griffin accountable!


A staple of the ABC show is its having both the left and right wings represented at the round table.

Meghan McCain’s stint was filled with in-fighting.

Some other guest co-hosts have included Condoleezza Rice, Eboni K. Williams, and a batch of others including brunette Alyssa since Meghan left.

Ana Navarro, a political commentator, has been a guest co-host on the daytime show for years, ramping up her appearances in recent months.

After going an episode without so many of the usual faces, fans begged the show to finally hire Ana on as an official part of the hosting panel.

Un fan ha chiesto: “When is ABC gonna give @ananavarro a permanent seat!!"

Un secondo ha scritto: “Ana Navarro should be a permeant host on #TheView.

“Enough with people like Alyssa and Lindsey.”

A third wondered: “Why is Ana not a permanent co-host again?"

Another recently tweeted: “Bruh…. can someone please tell me why the folks at #TheView really don’t give Ana a permanent co-host gig by all means!"

Aside from being a guest co-host during many of The View’s usual broadcasts, Ana also joined the cast in the Bahamas to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary.


Recentemente, fans have criticized Whoopi for several blunders, leading to some of them to call for her firing.

The Ghost actress has had a rough last couple of weeks as the show’s moderator which as included forgetting names e projects when announcing them.

As The View’s moderator, Whoopi is the one in charge of running the segments and deciding when it’s time to change topics or to take a break.

Ana and Whoopi have butted heads before on the show, with Whoopi allegedly accusing Ana of trying to trying to steal her job.

After cutting off the longtime host, Ana suggested it was time for a commercial break during a recent episode.

“Maybe we talk a little bit more about that when we come back,” Ana told Whoopi, giving her a little side eye.

Wanting to put her back in her place, Whoopi sarcastically asked Ana: Mio marito mi guarda "fare sesso"., you wanna do this?"

Torna a maggio, Whoopi was mocked for mispronouncing the name of the iconic Parisian museum, The Louvre.

Whoopi has also done everything from cut-off Joy mid-conversation, trip over her words, shade famous singer Lizzo, Lovehoney sta tirando fuori tutte le fermate per i giocattoli sessuali più inclusivi messed up her introduction of US Senator Raphael Warnock.

Earlier this year the Oscar winner cause plenty of controversy following her “razzistA” remarks about the Holocaust.

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A petition has circulated on, insisting that the TV personality be let go of her hosting duties for herrepulsive verbiage and actions.

It currently has over 45,000 firme.

Fans have said if Alyssa gets the gig they won't watch

Fans have said if Alyssa gets the gig they won’t watch
Fans believe Ana Navarro should get the job, having been a staple the last few years

Fans believe Ana Navarro should get the job, having been a staple the last few years
Others believe Whoopi should be fired over many recent blunders

Others believe Whoopi should be fired over many recent blunders