Big Brotherにも出演していたYouTuber Piefaceと知り合う

THE SIDEMEN have rounded up the 2022 Charity Football Match which featured several social media stars such as Pieface.

Let’s get to know more about Youtuber Pieface, who featured as a goalkeeper in the Sidemen’s charity footy match.

Who is YouTuber Pieface?

Pieface is Youtuber from プリマス who also gained popularity on streaming platforms such as Youtube and Twitch through his FIFA broadcasts.

Before becoming a familiar face with those who watch Youtube regularly, Piefaceborn on January 23, 1992 – was a manager at マクドナルド.

He is a huge Plymouth Argyle supporter and after his appearance he set off on creating content on Youtube.

He creates videos of himself playing FIFA and has gathered over 610,000 subscribers on Youtube as Pieface23.

Pieface's real name is Jack McDermott

Pieface’s real name is Jack McDermottクレジット: インスタグラム

On Twitch he gathered a following of 772,000 and generates over 100,000 views on his broadcasts.

When was Pieface on Big Brother?

Pieface was on Big Brother in 2015, when the series had a timebomb theme and he was just 23 年.

He lasted 66 days and managed to finish in fourth place.

Although he left Big Brother unvictorious, he still left with a cash prize of £23,900 which he earned during one of the tasks.

On his return to Plymouth, Pieface quit his day job at the fast food restaurant.

He embarked on his journey as a video creator and proved to be a success.

What is Pieface’s real name?

Pieface’s real name is Jack McDermott.

Talking about his nickname, Pieface said back when he was about to join Big Brother: “My parents call me Jack and my boss doesshe wants people to not call me Pieface because apparently, it’s a bit unprofessional, but it’s just an easy way of communicating.

I was just sat on a wall at school once eating a pieit’s still disputed actually as to who actually said itand someone went, “Pieface.

Since then it’s just grown and grown.

Everyone knows me at the footballI do all the away games and I’m known as Pieface on the bus.

It’s a bit of an identity, そうですね?

Jack is who I am, but if I go in as Pieface, I’m comfortable with that.

It’s easier for people to know me as that and it gives me a bit of an edge, 私は考えます, over some of the other people.