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A Place in the Sun guest ‘full of s**tfor OUTRAGEOUS house hunting tactic

A RECENT guest on A Place in the Sun left viewers baffled with her unusual methods of choosing a property.

Presenter Jonnie Irwin welcomed house-hunter Daniela and mum Janet to the Channel 4 Afficher.

Daniela pulled out her crystal much to the shock of her mum and Jonnie

Daniela pulled out her crystal much to the shock of her mum and Jonnie

La paire, who hail from east Yorkshire, were off to western Madeira, le Portugal, and had a decent budget of £100,000 to play with.

Daniela works as a holistic therapist, practices the likes of Shamanic drumming, and is very much into her crystal healing.

And she’d brought aspiritual guidewith her for the house hunting process, in the form of a large crystal pendulum around her neck.

Jonnie took the mother daughter pair for a viewing in Calheta, where they visited a two bedroom property with a gorgeous view.

Daniela was instantly taken by the home, stating it wasnice and cosy, it’s like a cottage.

She added thatThe kitchen is absolutely brilliant, it’s big, it’s airy and light.

Love the wall tiles, very traditional Portuguese. I don’t feel any bad energy here, that’s good.

Following a house tour, Daniela pulled out her big pink pendulum to use it as alitmus teston the house.

Jonnie joked: “I did see you sort of shaking that earlier on.

Elle a expliqué: “If I ask the question ‘is this house for meand it will give me the answer yes or no.

I use it a lot in life, for different things.

Whilst her mum Janet called itbonkers,” Daniela was unphased.

She asked the necklace as she spun itSo is this house here, the house for me?

It’s anti-clockwiseSo it’s a no!”

Jonnie was baffled at how quick she was to disregard the house, stressing that she was very keen in the property beforehand.

Those who tuned into the show were on his side, and instantly took to Twitter to discuss.

On a écrit: “Crystal says no to that one, HAHAHAH.

Un autre a plaisanté: “Buy or flyoh let me ask my pendulum.

Lottie a dit à ses fans qu'elle était en cure de désintoxication le mois dernier et a partagé la nouvelle sur TikTok

Les commentaires ont continué: “Pendulum! What a crock of s***!”

And another viewer pointed out: “Mum’s face when she whacked out that pendulum.