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A Place in the Sun viewers all have the same complaint aboutirritating” Gast

A PLACE in the Sun viewers were left seriously distracted by one guestsirritatingvoice on the show – MEGHAN Markle und Prinz Harrys Emmy-Nicken ist “switch off”.

During the latest episode of the Kanal 4 Immobilien zeigen, Gastgeber Ben Hilman met with a couple who were on the search for a holiday home in Spain’s ever-popular Costa del Sol.

Viewers were distracted by Jo's voice on the show

Viewers were distracted by Jo’s voice on the showAnerkennung: Kanal 4
Some viewers said the woman's voice was "irritating"

Some viewers said the woman’s voice wasirritatingAnerkennung: Kanal 4

Jo and DP wanted to find their perfect vacation home in Nerja so that they could escape there in the winter and rent it out in the summer.

With a budget of £210,000, the couple said they wanted a large outside terrace, large open plan area and two double bedrooms.

But just minutes into the property search viewers were seriously distracted by the woman’s voice with some slamming itirritatingand some even say she had to pay her husbandwith a voice like that.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Jo’s voiceand they all thought the same thing.

One viewer wrote: “I think I remember this one, her voice is unforgettable (Leider).”

Ein anderer fügte hinzu: “I reckon he must be deaf to put up with a voice like that.

A third penned: “I’m sure she’s the one who has the money as no way has he volunteered to stay with that voice.

A fourth echoed: “If my wife called me darling, especially in that tone, she’d get a right earful straight back at her.

A fifth complained: “Gott, she’s massively irritating. I had to switch over.

Jo and DP ended up putting in an offer for the two-bedroom property they saw in Almunecar which was on the market for just over £222,000. The couple put in an offer of £190,000 which wasn’t accepted, they then came back with a counteroffer of £195,000 but that wasn’t accepted.

This left the couple with no successful purchase, as they told Ben they wanted time to do moreresearchon the property before making a decision.

The couple didn't walk away with their dream home sadly

The couple didn’t walk away with their dream home sadlyAnerkennung: Kanal 4

A Place in the Sun shows on weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.