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Pianeta Congelato 2 gli spettatori se ne sono andati "ansiosi ed esausti’ dall'episodio più cupo di sempre’

FROZEN Planet 2 viewers have been left traumatised by its most recent episode – e per una buona ragione.

Il BBC documentary series, fronted by Sir David Attenborough, has been entertaining viewers with a real and raw insight into what life is like for some of the creatures that live in the world’s coldest environments.

Pianeta Congelato 2 has entertained viewers with real and raw insight into animal life

Pianeta Congelato 2 has entertained viewers with real and raw insight into animal lifeCredito: BBC
The BBC documentary series is fronted by Sir David Attenborough

The BBC documentary series is fronted by Sir David AttenboroughCredito: BBC

But while viewers have been fascinated by the natural world explored on the show, some scenes were a little bit too natural and hard for viewers to stomach.

The latest instalment saw snowy owls using an open tundra to breed, with one pair having raised a nest full of fluffy chicks.

With 24-hour daylight in which to hunt, the dedicated parents bring back meal after meal for their ever-growing brood.

But one day, they return to find the nest emptyand the root cause behind their absence was played out on screen to cowering viewers.

And viewers soon took to Twitter in their droves to air their dismay at the “brutale” scene.

Alongside an array of sad-faced emojis, una persona ha scritto: “Anxious about work tomorrow? Watch this cute baby animal get eaten alive to an emotive soundtrack. Why do I watch Frozen Planet? Perché?”

Facendo eco ai loro commenti, qualcun altro ha detto: “Nah, that baby bird getting eaten was too much for me to handle.

Mentre un terzo ha aggiunto: “Wildlife TV is getting too gruesome. My hubby had a bad anxiety session watching tonight’s Frozen Planet 2.

It’s not the first time that Pianeta Congelato has disturbed viewers either.

Last week’s episode saw viewers learn of a secret tactic that penguins use when battling each otherand it’s a rather unpleasant one.

The stomach-churning scenes displayed the penguins projecting pooing on each other in full view of the wildlife cameras.

Many disgraced fans were even put off their food as they admitted they could no longer bare to eat after seeing the unpleasant scenes.

The latest series of the show comes 11 years after the original in 2011 and follows the originators of the Attenborough franchise, Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

Pianeta Congelato 2 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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