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WHILE his financial worries slowly come to light, Stephen Reid is willing to stoop low to get the cash he wants.

This means he could take advantage of his mother, 加冕街 stalwart, Audrey Roberts. 这是你需要知道的.

Stephen Reid finds it hard to keep up appearances

Stephen Reid finds it hard to keep up appearances信用: 电视台
He's clearly struggling financially - and could steal from his own mother Audrey

He’s clearly struggling financiallyand could steal from his own mother Audrey信用: 电视台
The hairdresser is mentally vulnerable and opens up to her friends this week

The hairdresser is mentally vulnerable and opens up to her friends this week信用: 电视台

1. Audrey breaks some shock news

It was recently confirmed that Audrey Robertsmental health is at stake in the long-running 电视台 戏剧.

Recent scenes have shown the hairdresser played by Sue Nicholls in hospital after an apparent overdoseand it turned out it was voluntary.

然而, Audrey has kept her struggle and her suicide attempt under wraps from her friends in family.

本星期, she could finally be opening up about her turmoil as Rita Tanner, Roy Cropper and Ken Barlow get ready for a belated birthday party for her.

The pals make their way to Debbie Webster’s hotel for an afternoon tea party, organised by Rita and Stephen Reid to cheer her up.

But as a waiter prepares to make his way to them with a cake, while singing Happy Birthday to her, Audrey makes a shock announcement and a stunned hush descends.

而且, an old friend returns to the cobbles this weekcould it be another source of support for Audrey?

Claudia Colby comes back to the cobbles this week

Claudia Colby comes back to the cobbles this week信用: 电视台

2. A familiar face comes back

Moments before Audrey will be able to confide in her friends about her mental health, she’ll be reunited with an old friend.

Actress Rula Lenska will be reprising the role of Claudia Colby, one year after attending Norris Cole’s funeral.

Audrey’s attention is drawn to the arrival of Claudia and Charles in the hotel dining room.

Claudia rows with Charles but she’s amazed when Audrey, alongside Rita and Ken Barlow, pop out from where they’d been eavesdropping.

The trio comfort Claudia, prompting Rita to remember it was Audrey’s birthday recently.

How will Claudia react to Audrey’s announcement?

Stephen Reid has been trying to keep his finances a secret at Underworld

Stephen Reid has been trying to keep his finances a secret at Underworld信用: 电视台

3. Stephen hatches a plan

同时, Audrey may have to watch out for her own scheming son, Stephen Reid (描绘的 Todd Boyce).

Initially introduced as one of the only people she could truly trust, 这 businessman’s secrets are slowly unravelling and viewers know he’s up to something nasty.

This could be planning to steal his own mother’s money as his finances are clearly on the decline.

Audrey first calls at No.8 and announces her plans to give the salon a complete makeover with no expense spared, despite her initial reluctance to reopen the business.

Stephen later tells Ken Barlow and Rita Tanner about his mother’s plans and he realises they know more than they’re letting on.

This prompts him to grill Audrey, most notably on her recent trip to hospital.

But this doesn’t come from a place of concern for her healthStephen is scared he may not have access to her fortune if something was to happen to her, unaware she actually tried to take her own life.

Audrey lies and makes out she had a minor scare.

Scared he might miss out on some of her cash, Stephen suggests it would be a good time for her to sign the trust fund paperwork but she insists she’s in no rush.

his short-fuse evident to all, how will Stephen react to his mother’s response?

But there’s more trouble ahead, particularly at Underworld.

In the factory, Michael Bailey points out that the website needs updating.

Sarah Platt asserts she’ll give Lorenzo a call but Stephen offers to do the work himself with some help from Max.

But she calls Lorenzo after allonly to find out he’s owed six months’ 工资.

Could Stephen be exposed before it’s too late?

Zeedan Nazir is trying to save Stu Carpenter from prison

Zeedan Nazir is trying to save Stu Carpenter from prison信用: 电视台

4. Stu goes to prison

But while there may be a wedge forming within the Platt family, Weatherfield is still reeling from the shock of Stu Carpenter’s secrets being revealed.

The former homeless man portrayed by Bill Fellows apparently confessed to murder before settling into the cobbles, as told by his former wife Lucy.

接下来, 然而, Zeedan (由...演奏 Qasim Akhtar) hatches a plan to prove he’s innocent when he’s convinced Stu was actually framed.

Zeedan first learns from Craig that the detective Stu accused of persecution took early retirement for a factitious reason, which raises his suspicions.

This prompts him to ask the police officer to try and find out more.

Stu is begging for support from behind bars through letters he sends Zeedan and Yasmeenbut the Speed Daal co-owner rips them up and throws them away.

在后来的场景中, Craig reveals Stu could be released in a matter of days and Yasmeen is clearly rattled by the prospect as she breaks down and suffers a panic attack in her restaurant.

But Zeedan doesn’t give up and pays Stu a visit.

The latter tells him about his case files and how he intends to prove his innocence while Zeedan calls at the solicitorsoffice, asking Adam Barlow for Stu’s case files.

Yasmeen soon finds out what her grandson is up to again and reels from the shock.

She confronts Zeedan but nothing seems to come out of their conversation.

When Stu calls Zeedan and begs him to pass the phone to Yasmeen, she brutally kills the call, unwavering.

Adam Barlow then meets up with Zeedan in Victoria Garden and confirms that he can access Stu’s case files for the price of £1200.

Alya is soon brought into the scheme as Zeedan pressures her to help him do right by Stu by going halves on his legal fees.

The siblings find the money they need and call at Adam’s office with the cash, confirming they’d like sight of Stu’s files.

What will the files reveal?

Is Stu really guilty of murder?

Viewers suspected Aaron was being abused - and they may have been right all along

Viewers suspected Aaron was being abusedand they may have been right all along信用: 电视台

5. Aaron talks about his abuse

Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) has found love in the form of newcomer Aaron (James Craven).

The pair met at a diabetic support group and a formed a romantic bond through time.

Things appeared to be going well for Aaron as he even found himself a job at Kevin Webster’s garage.

但, as always, Corrie proves that appearances can be deceiving and viewers have been seriously concerned for Aaron’s well-being as it seemed clear he was being abused at home.

Soap fans may have been correct all along.

本星期, Summer bumps into him at the garage while he nurses a swollen lipbut he avoids her questions by running away.

然而, Summer brings up his injury in later scenes and Aaron gets angry she’s insisting to talk about it.

He soon has a change of heart and, after apologising to Summer for his behaviour, explains his father is an alcoholic who sometimes lashes out at him.

How will Summer react?

Can Aaron get away from his abusive father?

Faye Windass and Craig Tinker have been at loggerheads

Faye Windass and Craig Tinker have been at loggerheads信用: 电视台

6. Faye cheats on Craig

More obstacles will be in Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) and Faye Windass’ (Ellie Leach) way this week.

The Weatherfield couple haven’t been on the best of terms in recent scenes of the 电视台 soap, from trying to cover up Faye’s involvement in a pensioner’s death to finding out about her early menopause.

Drama picks up a pace when the police officer asks Underworld boss Carla Connor (Alison King) not to put Faye under pressure at work.

然而, Faye doesn’t appreciate Craig getting involved in her work and tears a strip off for humiliating her in front of her boss.

Although he did have her best interests at heart, Craig apologises to her for doing her head in.

He then gifts her a special nightie designed to keep her cool and improve her sleep, with her hot flushes in mind.

可悲的是, Faye is distraught and fails to see Craig’s good-hearted intentions.

This prompts him to ask Faye if he should move back to his mother Beth’s and she tells him to do as he pleases.

Craig packs away his belongings, getting ready to leave Faye behind.

稍后的, Faye watches Craig and his mentor Jess Heywood larking about their community engagement stall and she’s hurt to see him seemingly enjoying himself.

But when she decides to focus on her own professional endeavours, Faye’s insecurities lead her to make a mistake.

When Carla congratulates the factory workers for getting an order out ahead of time, the businesswoman cracks open the champagne, encouraging them to celebrate.

While out in the Rovers back yard, Faye shares a glass of bubbly with Michael Bailey (played by Ryan Russell) – 和 tries to seduce him.

The builder’s romantic life has been left on pause after he broke up with Grace Vickers, 这 mother of his daughter Glory.

Will he reciprocate Faye’s advances?

Summer Spellman's health continues to be a cause for concern this week

Summer Spellman’s health continues to be a cause for concern this week信用: 电视台

7. Summer collapses

While Aaron is seemingly being abused by his father, Summer will be giving her loved ones another fright as she receives shock news about her exams.

接下来, Summer gets her exam results, finding out she got an A* in French and in Maths.

然而, due to being disqualified after cheating, the youngster received an X for her English exam.

稍后的, Aaron calls to collect Summer for their holiday and the lovebirds get ready to leavebut she collapses as they are about to walk out.

Aaron is thrown into a panic, trying his best to help her.

When she regains consciousness, Summer explains to him she forgot to take her insulin.

Their holiday plan turns into a nightmare in later scenes.

Summer and Aaron head back from the tram station and explain to Todd Grimshaw they missed their flight following the mishap.

稍后的, in the flower shop flat, Aaron goes through Summer’s bag and is shocked by what he finds.

What can viewers expect?

Tune in to ITV to find out.