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Brits to enjoy more freedom in 12 DAYS as Boris Johnson poised to ditch Plan B

BRITS are set to enjoy greater freedoms in just 12 dae’ time with Boris Johnson poised to ditch Plan B restrictions.

The PM is expected to remove many curbs on our daily lives amid growing confidence the UK can ride out the Omicron wave.

Plan B restrictions including vaccine passports are set to be scrapped in 12 dae

Plan B restrictions including vaccine passports are set to be scrapped in 12 daeKrediet: Getty
Mask wearing could remain in place beyond the end of the month

Mask wearing could remain in place beyond the end of the monthKrediet: Alamy

He is very likely to end the requirement to work from home and consign controversial vaccine passports to the dustbin.

Mask wearing in public places is the only of the three major Covid measures that could stay in place beyond the end of the month.

A string of hugely positive studies show Omicron IS milder than other strains, met die eerste amptelike Britse verslag onthul die risiko van hospitalisasie is 50 aan 70 persent laer as met Delta.

Covid-booster-stoot beskerm teen Omicron en bied die beste kans om deur die pandemie te kom, gesondheidsbeamptes herhaaldelik gesê.

The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign is helping get the vital extra vaccines in Brits’ veldtog help om die noodsaaklike ekstra entstowwe in Brits te kry.

The legal underpinning for Plan B expires on January 26 and the restrictions will fade away unless renewed by the PM.

Top Tories are urging Boris to do away with all curbs as he looks to steady his premiership amid the No 10 party scandal.

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Andrew kan uit 31-slaapkamer herehuis geskop word & polisiebeskerming verloor

One Cabinet minister said: “The scientific voices seem to be becoming less doom-laden.

If we have to keep wearing face masks for a bit, then I’m fine with that.

Ending work-from-home guidance is the important one. It will help get the economy firing.”

The PM’s top team have been briefed with datawhere everything seems to be going in the right direction”.

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And a decision not to renew vaccine passports for mass events like football games would avoid another Commons mutiny from Tory MPs.

A source told The Times: “There was always a very high threshold for the policy. The way cases are going it will be hard to justify renewing it.

Even scientific figures who warned of the dangers of Omicron now say the UK in a better place and measures can be eased.

Scotland and Wales went ahead and imposed harsher restrictions than England over Christmas, but are now ditching them.

Wales and Scotland ease curbs

Today the Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford announced large outdoor events like football and rugby matches can go ahead again.

He outlined a plan to ditch almost all restrictions and return to alert level zero on January 28 – two days after England.

The Welsh Tories said the Labour administration in Cardiff hadoverreactedto Omicron and should’ve followed No 10’s approach.

Leader Andrew RT Davies said: “Labour ministers clearly overreacted to Omicron and that has caused significant pain and anguish for families and businesses in Wales.

“Ongelukkig, Labour have left Wales as an outlier in the UK with the strictest restrictions when it comes to sport, outdoor activity and hospitality.

The British booster campaign has been a resounding success and, as such, Labour should now move swiftly and remove restrictions as we get on the road to recovery and as a nation learn to live with Covid 19.

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon also announced the easing of her country’s harsh restrictions this week.

She has been panned by Scottish hospitality firms for insisting on tough curbs that hammered businesses while doing little to stop the virus.

Conservatives now hope the PM’s decision to keep England relatively restriction free will pay off with voters.

A Tory strategist told the FT: “Boris’ polling numbers improve as the Covid tide turned over Christmas and the PM’s decision to hold the line paid off.

The same could happen again in February — at least he will hope so.

Plan B Covid restrictions to be lifted in WEEKS if NHS copes with Omicron surge, Michael Gove says