スリーインワンの「ポリピル」’ 心臓死のリスクを 3 分の 1 に削減, 調査結果

A THREE-in-one “polypill” slashes the risk of heart death by a third, 調査結果.

Experts claim the tabletscontaining aspirin, a statin and a drug which lowers 血圧could help millions live longer.

A three-in-one 'polypill' slashes the risk of heart death by a third, 調査結果

A three-in-one ‘polypillslashes the risk of heart death by a third, 調査結果クレジット: アラミー

Currently less than half of patients take all their medication after having a 心臓発作, raising their risk of another event.

But medics found people are much more likely to adhere if they only have a single daily polypill, instead of a cocktail of drugs.

結果として, cardiac death risk fell by 33 per cent in trials.

The “striking” findings were presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s annual congress [must keep] に バルセロナ.

Experts claim the 50p-a-day polypill should now become routine treatment for Brits after a cardiac event.

周り 100,000 people a year are admitted to hospital after a heart attack in the UK.

Lead scientist Dr Valentin Fuster, head of スペイン’s National Centre for Cardiovascular Research, said he has “great hopes” the polypill will save thousands of lives.

彼は言った: “I am excited because the problem we have in cardiovascular health is that people do not adhere [to drugs]. We know that low adherence has worse outcomes.

“Our study found the adherence to the polypill was significantly better than the pills taken separately. Use of a polypill strategy is safe.

“The results are striking. The polypill group had less heart attacks, stroke and cardiovascular death.”

The study involved 2,500 patients with an average age of 76 who had suffered a heart attack in the previous six months.

Half were given a polypill containing three drugsa dose of aspirin, the blood pressure drug ramipril, そしてその コレステロール-lowering drug atorvastatin.

The other half were given usual care, which involves multiple separate drugs.

After three years, those on the polypill had a 33 per cent lower risk of heart death.