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I vicini hanno pubblicato una nota orribile durante la faida sul mio gatto – sono rimasto sbalordito

A HORRIFIED cat owner was told her pet “will disappear” during a dispute about her feline’s behaviour.

The threat was on a hand-written note posted through her door by her vicino di casa as the feud between them escalated.

The row began when a woman's cat picked a fight with a neighbour's feline

The row began when a woman’s cat picked a fight with a neighbour’s felineCredito: Getty
That led to this note being posted through her door

That led to this note being posted through her doorCredito: Reddit

The trouble began when her cat ran into the neighbour’s yard and picked a fight with their moggy.

‘I was mortified and apologetic and immediately removed the cat flap on the back door and replaced the door so she can’t get out,” the woman, from Brisbane in Australia, explained in a Reddit post.

But when a tradesman left the door open, her cat managed to get out again, prompting the threatening note.

“Control your animals or they will disappear!,” read the note.

For extra effect, it was written on a printed out council information page with sections highlighted on ‘responsible pet ownership’.

The woman explained she kept her pet inside as much as possible but her kids are in the habit of leaving doors and windows open and her pet “busts out”.

She said the neighbour’s cat is also to blame for the problems.

“Their cat has also been over to our side of the road so it’s a bit pot calling the kettle black,’ the owner said.

“The neighbours who complained to ME have giant aggressive dogs that jump up on their fence and go crazy every time someone goes past and we live opposite a kids park.

“Oh and my next door neighbours dog barks all night at 3am when she’s on shift so it’s just a whole load of hypocrisy that I’M getting the threats.”

Those commenting on the post were divided with some deploring the threat and others pointing out cats attack wildlife.

“Cats kill for the fun of it, they aren’t killing to eat, and one cat can decimate the local wildlife,” one person said.

“Keeping cats inside has been a thing for a long time for people who know how destructive cats can be.

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But others were more sympathetic to her predicament with one saying: “People who threaten to, or actually do hurt animals are scum. Literal human garbage. No excuse.

“I think you’re doing the right thing. Sorry you had to deal with this, I would be mortified if I got that letter.”