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I can’t decide whether to holiday with pal or visit potential lover in Majorca

CHER DEIDRE: I’M planning a holiday and have narrowed it down to two options, do I visit a potential girlfriend in Majorca or my friend in Malaga?

I’m a man of 34 and I’ve been talking to a woman online, who lives in Majorca, for the past two months.

I need to decide what I want and who to spend my holiday with

I need to decide what I want and who to spend my holiday with

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We get on extremely well and I’m starting to fall for her.

I don’t want to rush things, but I also don’t want to miss the opportunity to see if we hit it off in person.

I also have a female friend in Malaga I could visit.

Elle est 29 and it would be great to catch up in person.

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But I worry if I go and stay with her, I would feel as though I’m cheating.

Que devrais-je faire?

DEIDRE DIT: It’s not cheating when you’re not in a relationship.

But you need to talk to the woman in Majorca.

Ask her if you were to visit, would she like to meet you?

If she feels it’s too soon, then you still have an exciting opportunity to spend time with your friend in Malaga.

But please don’t pin all your hopes on this woman in Majorca.

Keep your social life going at home just in case it doesn’t work out as you hope.