AN eco zealot who poured urine and faeces over a memorial to Captain Sir Tom Moore has been spared jail.

Madeleine Budd, 21, was protesting against private jets when she defaced the tribute to the World War Two veteran, WHO raised £33million for the NHS during the pandemic when aged 100.

Budd, of Manchester, was sentenced to 21 weeks' jail and ordered to pay £200 compensation

Budd, of Manchester, was sentenced to 21 数週間’ jail and ordered to pay £200 compensationクレジット: End UK Private Jets/BPM

Former medical student Budd admitted causing £200 of damage to the memorial in ダービーシャー 先月.

She was told by district judge Louisa Cieciora: “You did what you did to cause the maximum amount of distress and outrage.”

Budd, の マンチェスター, was sentenced to 21 weeks’ jail, のために一時停止 18 月, at Westminister magistrates’ court.

She was also ordered to pay £200 compensation.