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Spoiler di EastEnders: Linda Carter prepares for prison as Janine schemes

AFTER supposedly taking the wheel while under the influence, Linda Carter prepares to face justice.

Little does she remember that EastEnders villain Janine Butcher, ritratto da Charlie Brooks, is still scheming to cover her tracks.

Could Linda Carter go to prison?

Could Linda Carter go to prison?Credito: BBC
Or will Janine Butcher be caught for her involvement in her car crash?

Or will Janine Butcher be caught for her involvement in her car crash?Credito: BBC
Linda is getting ready to face justice

Linda is getting ready to face justiceCredito: BBC

The Vic landlady played by Kellie Bright had the fright of a lifetime when she was found unconscious and drunk after crashing her car into a tree during a trip away from Albert Square.

But after regaining consciousness and working hard to get her alcohol addiction under control, Linda has to face the consequences of drunk driving.

La prossima settimana, she shares the date for her upcoming court hearing and expresses her concerns over the outcome to her estranged, but supportive, husband Mick (ritratto da Danny Dyer).

Following a tense exchange with a vulnerable Stuart Highway, she then enters the pub and Mick comes to her aid, hinting Linda’s troubles may be coming to an end.

She then gets emotional about the prospect of being separated from her daughter as Annie takes her first steps in front of her and Mick.

The chemistry between them is palpable and reaches new heights when they prepare themselves for a kissonly to be interrupted by Jada Lennox.

Nel frattempo, Janine Butcher can see Mick tending to Linda more and her panic grows.

Nelle scene successive, she flirts with Mick in the Vic but the landlord is distracted with thoughts of Linda.

The latter is convinced she could be going to prison for the accident and prepares to leave her children behind.

Mick tries to offer his support by asking Linda to go over the exact events of the accident that brought her to hospital and encourages her to check her call log online.

Mick and Linda are soon shocked to realise she had made a call to The Vic that eveningand Janine panics.

As Linda writes birthday cards for the future of her children, Sharon Watts wants to try and help her pal by claiming she knows who answered Linda’s call as she was at The Vic at the time.

This only makes things worse for Janine as Linda soon confronts her about the call in front of Mick.


Everything you need to know about Eastenders

BBC One viewers will remember Linda never crashed her car as Janine was actually behind the wheel.

Janine had been trying to get Linda’s silence after she’d stolen money from Mick’s daughter Nancy to keep her rival out of the Square.

tuttavia, things got out of hand and Janine accidentally crashed Linda’s car… before leaving her unconscious in her vehicle and framing her for drunk driving.

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Will Janine come clean?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday.

Mick gives Linda some support

Mick gives Linda some supportCredito: BBC
And Janine knows she could be walking on eggshells

And Janine knows she could be walking on eggshellsCredito: BBC