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La star rigorosamente James Bye rivela perché c'è una "pressione aggiunta".’ per raggiungere la finale

EastEnders actor James Bye has revealed he is underadded pressureto make it to the final of Strictly Come Dancing.

James, 38, who played market trader Martin Fowler in the Sapone della BBC da 2014 has opened up about his nerves ahead of rigorosamente.

James has revealed there is "added pressure" on his shoulders

James has revealed there isadded pressureon his shouldersCredito: PAPÀ
James as Martin Fowler in EastEnders

James as Martin Fowler in EastEndersCredito: BBC

Il uomo di famiglia has explained how the success of the Albert Square residents who have previously competed on the reality show is very daunting.

Asked whether he has the glitterball trophy in his sights, James ha detto: “I’d love to get to Blackpool, then you can say you really gave it a good go. There is also the added pressure that the last three people from EastEnders have been in the final!”

James is of course referring to Rose Ayling-Ellis, who played Frankie on the show, who won last year with Giovanni Pernice.

Prima di questo, nel 2021, Maisie Smith, aka Tiffany Butcher Baker, was runner-up, while in 2020, Honey Mitchell actress Emma Barton finished third.

And even those Walford favourites who didn’t make the final made quite the impression.

James revealed: “My best friend, Davood Ghadami [Kush Kazemi] was on the show years ago, and I came to watch and he was great. I remember him doing the Paso Doble and that did look good.

At the time I wound him up about it, but I was really proud of him. Anche Jake Wood, when he did the snake hips to Mambo No. 5, that was a million miles from Max Branning.

James also sang the praises of reigning champion Rose.

When the music dropped I think she brought the nation to tears,” Egli ha detto. “It was beautiful and she is such an incredible human being.

As for any advice his co-stars past and present have given him, James told how they have all their wise words arepretty much the same”.

Ha aggiunto: When I was announced I had lots of people calling me, Brian Conley, Tameka Empson and obviously Davood. The advice to be honest, was pretty much the same and it was just enjoy yourself and embrace it.

It’s completely different to anything else. I think Brian’s words were ‘You’re never going to have an experience like it, so just don’t miss a beat, just go with it’, and I’m really going to hold on to that.

Of course juggling a full time role on the soap with Strictly’s intense training schedule isn’t easy, ma James has worked with EastEnders bosses to make sure he can do both.

Lui ha detto a The Sun Online: “As far as I’m aware at the minute they’re going to quieten me down as much as possible.

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I’m still going to be in the show, but the beauty is that we film across the road [from Strictly studios] so as soon as I’m finished filming I can shoot over to this and rehearse.

We’re just going to have to find time where we can to start with, but they’re really understanding at EastEnders, they’re brilliant at that.

James with best pal Davood

James with best pal Davood
James cosies up to wife Victoria

James cosies up to wife VictoriaCredito: instagram
Rose and Giovanni are a tough act to follow

Rose and Giovanni are a tough act to follow