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Katie Price’s son Harvey brands her fiance Carl Woods an ‘absolute d***head’ in video esilaranti

KATIE Price’s son Harvey branded her fiance Carl Woods anabsolute d***headafter he messed up an Instagram post.

Il 19-year-old disabled lad, who has a habit for colourful language, left fans laughing with his latest outburst.

Harvey Price toasted Carl with orange squash - then called him a 'd***head'

Harvey Price toasted Carl with orange squashthen called him a ‘d***headCredito: Instagram

In the video Carl, who mangled the spelling of ‘allowedin an earlier post, joined Harvey in the small house he lives in beside theirs.

He told him: “Harv, you’re not going to believe itI’ve done our Instagram post and I’ve only gone and spelt allowed wrong.

Harvey replied: “Absolutely d***head, Carl.

prima, the pair were seen hanging out together before the England game, with Carl substituting the pre kick-off pints for bottles of Robinson’s.

He told him: “Harv I’ve got my orange squash, you’ve got yours. We’re going to cheers while we watch telly. Ready? Cheers!”

Harvey replied sweetly: “How cool is that squash? Cheers mate, grazie” before doing an air kiss.

He has previously reacted badly to the idea of drinking beer when it’s been jokingly suggested by Carl.

Absolutely d***head, Carl

Harvey Price

In an earlier video, shared in April, Carl was shown brandishing a Peroni from behind the camera saying: “Harv, I’ve got you a nice cold beer.

Harvey replied loudly: “No Carl.But the former Love Island star asked: “Perchè no?”

The lad repeated: “No” come la 31-year-old car expert disse: “Continua, have a beer with me.

Harvey again rejected the offer, then Carl suggested: “What do you want then, an orange squash?”

At that Harvey seemed instantly calm again replying: “Si.”

Harvey was born with a series of disabilities, including ADHD, [object Window], genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness.

He has been much-loved by Katie Price fans for years, but most notably since the BBC documentary Harvey and Me which followed the teen visiting residential colleges across the UK.

Carl looked shocked in the cute video they made together

Carl looked shocked in the cute video they made togetherCredito: Instagram

Katie Price dice che i suoi figli hanno paura del figlio Harvey, 19, e vuole prendergli una casa imbottita speciale