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El caos de la Premier League se debe a que los futbolistas de prima donna se niegan a vacunarse

BECAUSE I love a spot of mediocrity, and an exciting eighth place finish, I support Tottenham Hotspur.

Espuelas, more than any other Premier League side, have had their typically indifferent season derailed thanks to Covid.

Estrellas 19 fixtures across three divisions of the English Football League were postponed, while five top-flight games were scrapped with teams unable to field 11 healthy players.

Hasta la fecha, more games have been postponed in the Premier League than in the whole of last season.

And why? Because too many of these pampered prima donnas, whose job it is to stay fit, refuse to get vaccinated as many believe the word of loons on the web over scientists.

And because so few are willing to put their Balenciaga-chained necks above the parapet and say they’ve been jabbed thus encouraging others to follow suit.

Tiempo 89.5 per cent and 81.8 per cent of Brits have had their first and second doses respectively, terrifyingly, 25 per cent of EFL players claim they have no intention of getting the vaccine.

sí, they’re fit and healthy. sí, their chances of dying should they get the virus are very, Mi bebé pasó del tamaño de recién nacido a, Mi bebé pasó del tamaño de recién nacido a, very slim.

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Household mix ban, outdoor pints & Regla de 6 - curbs UK faces to tackle Omicron


Household mix ban, outdoor pints & Regla de 6 – curbs UK faces to tackle Omicron

That’s not the point.

A jab is for their parents, for their nans, their grandads. It’s for their team-mates who are jabbed, and wishing to protect their loved ones.

These multi-millionaire players have a platform. They have a responsibility to use this platform wisely and many — like Spurs’ Son Heung-min — are.

During a recent meeting between players and England’s deputy chief medical officer, Jonathan Van-Tam, understandable concerns were raised about the risk of heart inflam- mation as a result of getting vaccinated.

Van-Tam reportedly told the players there was a small, increased risk from the vaccines but a far greater risk of heart inflammation from catching Covid.


Injured players get cortisone injections. They take paracetamol. They get treatment on the pitch. To refuse medication on the basis they “don’t know what’s in it” seems ridiculous.

Last week Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said being vaccinated against Covid-19 is the “socially responsible thing to do”.

And Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp opined that vaccination should be mandatory “from a moral point of view”. The Reds’ boss thinks players have a responsibility to follow the vast majority of the population — and he is right.

England midfielder Jude Bellingham — who plies his trade in Germany — showed maturity beyond his 18 years when he “came out” as double jabbed, encouraging other players to follow suit.

Footballers are often knocked on account of being, bien, footballers.
Now is their chance to give back.

Selena makes good point on kid health

HOLLYWOOD actress Selena Gomez, who I assumed was still about 14 but is in fact 29, says wearing make-up as a child affected her mental health.

Ahora, while I’m often wary of celebs jumping on the mental health bandwagon, Selena – Justin Bieber’s ex – makes an important point.

Selena Gomez has said wearing make-up as a child affected her mental health

Selena Gomez has said wearing make-up as a child affected her mental healthCrédito: Getty

The child star of Wizards Of Waverly Place (me neither) was made to wear mascara, lipstick and foundation from the age of seven, which is wrong on so many levels.

Ella dice: “I’ve been in make-up since I was seven years old. I feel like that kind of messed with me. I have professionals doing my make-up and suddenly I can look 25 when I was 16, and it was crazy.”

Children must be allowed to enjoy childhood in all its innocent glory. At that age they should be scaling trees, not being sexualised.

Hollywood needs more stringent measures in place to nurture its young.

In a slightly unfortunate twist, Selena was making her comments in an interview to plug her new . . . make-up range.

TODAY I learned Colonel Sanders, KFC’s main man, is wearing a bow-tie on buckets of his fried chicken.

And that he doesn’t, De hecho, just have a teeny-weeny stick body.

For this, and other highbrow titbits, read on.

Daley dose of vit C

CONGRATULATIONS to Emma Raducanu – a supremely talented young woman none of us had heard of this time last year – who was crowned Sports Personality Of The Year on Sunday.

But a special mention, por favor, to Dustin Lance Black – the husband of second-placed Tom Daley.

Tom Daley's husband Dustin Lance Black knows the secret to eternal youth

Tom Daley’s husband Dustin Lance Black knows the secret to eternal youthCrédito: Pensilvania

The American Oscar-winning producer, who has been married to Olympic diver Tom for four years, es 47. 47!

My only recollection from a very hazy night out in a London gay bar a few years ago was me bowling over to the poor, unsuspecting chap, stroking his chest repeatedly and begging for the “secret to his eternal youth”.

I recall something about vitamin C serum.

You’re welcome.

ORGANISERS of Quidditch – that golden snitch-chasing sport from the Harry Potter books that is also played in the real world – are changing its name.

They wish to distance themselves from author JK Rowling – without whom they wouldn’t even have the pastime – over her views on trans rights.

In its current format, players from around 30 countries hold broomsticks between their non-binary legs as they chase a semi-deflated volleyball.

Of all the battles to pick, this isn’t one.

Phoney leaders

AS we wobble towards another de facto lockdown, it seems pretty obvious what we should be doing – NOT locking down.

As the doom-mongers hit us with ever more stats, the reality is that while infections are going through the roof, deaths from this variant are not.

Desafortunadamente, it is the vulnerable, the elderly, and the overweight who should be taking it upon themselves to be careful.

Por supuesto, we should all be mindful.

But what we don’t need is to be told, una vez más, what we can or cannot do – especially by a bunch of hypocrites who live by the mantra “do as we say, not as we do”.

APPARENTLY the Queen has been having “sleepless nights”, worrying about Prince William and his family flying in a helicopter together, in case tragedy should strike. She’s not alone.

The prospect of King Harry and Queen Meghan, ruling from their Californian thrones, gives us all sleepless nights.

Cheddar gorged

PET hamster Toffee will only eat cheese from Waitrose, his exasperated (y, presumably, rompió) owner says.

The supermarket’s Essential Extra Mature British Cheddar, Strength Six, is his favourite – and now he refuses to eat any other cheesy treat.

Pet hamster Toffee will only eat cheese from Waitrose

Pet hamster Toffee will only eat cheese from WaitroseCrédito: SWNS

Never have I related harder to a “news” story.

As loyal reader(s) will know, my Dachshund Dora is a fussy eater.

After weaning her on a largely “raw diet”, she now won’t eat tinned dog food.

The other day I was bemused to find she hadn’t touched her supper of raw chicken thighs.

Resulta, I’d ordered Co-op instead of M&S.

Roald ahead of time

SHELVE Beatrix Potter, parents are being urged to up the wokery when reading to their kids.

Books on the approved list include The Pirate Mums, by Jodie Lancet-Grant, about a boy whose parents are lesbian pirates, and Max Takes A Stand, by Tim Allman, about a child trying to save the planet “one placard at a time”.

The Oxford University Press hopes to “prompt questions and build greater understanding of global issues”.

Rubbish. Enid Blyton et al were incredibly progressive. Just look at George from the Famous Five – definitely a lezza (takes one to know one).

Roald Dahl was ahead of his time in raising awareness about obesity (Augustus Gloop), dwarfism (Oompa Loompas), single parenthood (Danny, The Champion Of The World) and bullying (Matilda).

Peter Rabbit drinks chamomile tea, for God’s sake. Case closed.

Premier League set to continue as majority of clubs want to play through festive period and NONE want season postponed

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