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Duggar critics ‘cringeafter Anna’s sister Priscilla serves ‘disgusting’ aandete

DUGGAR fans are totally grossed out after seeing a dinner Anna’s sister Priscilla whipped up for her kids, dit te noem “disgusting.

The famous family has been critiqued for their food choices several times through the years.

Anna Duggar's sister Priscilla is being slammed over her cooking skills

Anna Duggar’s sister Priscilla is being slammed over her cooking skillsKrediet: Instagram/@annaduggar
The reality star's sibling shared a recipe online, leaving fans disgusted

The reality star’s sibling shared a recipe online, leaving fans disgustedKrediet: Instagram/@davidncil

A Reddit user shared video posted by Anna Duggar‘s sister Priscilla on social media, which showcased her kitchen skills.

In die video, she gushed about a family favorite recipe: fajitas.

Her recipe, egter, contains an unexpected ingredient, which she revealed to be Italian dressing.

I’ll show you my little secret. I marinate the chicken and – it’s super simple, anyone can do it – it’s just Italian dressing and my all-time favoritethe Webber Smokey Mesquite seasoning with garlic powder,” she shares.

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Critics wasted no time bashing the recipe, dit te noem “gross.

Some were complimentary in their own way, met een skrif: “Far better than Anna’s food though. At least she seasons her food.

One hater commented: “As a Mexican I’m considering this a hate crime.

Several Reddit users also questioned her food handling, noting that Priscilla appeared to throw caution to the wind.

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I lost weight on Love Island and barely ate in the villa - the food was s**t


I lost weight on Love Island and barely ate in the villathe food was s**t


Much has already been observed with food safety, eeeewww. Why is her Bible anywhere near the kitchen? As a most sacred book, it should be in a place of honor when not being read,” a commenter pointed out.

'n Ander een het gevra: “Did she set a plate that was covering raw chicken on her Bible?”

So much here is giving me food handling anxiety. She’s storing a bowl full to the brim with raw chicken on the top shelf so if it leaks, it gets on everything else in the refrigerator. She touches the plate covering it then the dinner plates. Takes the plate off, puts it somewhere random then touches a drawer and the contents of the drawer. Since she put the raw chicken down on a counter with a bunch of other stuff on it, we know she’s not cleaning that counter when she’s done,” someone else added.

Another concerned Reddit commenter cracked: “Give her a break it’s not like she has a gigantic kitchen with a lot of counter space so she can place her bible and stack of clean plates away from the raw chickenwait…”

The Duggars are no strangers to food-related controversy.


Vroeër vandeesmaand, Anna herself was slammed for serving something that looked less than desirable for dinner.

Anna previously took to Instagram to post pictures of some homemade hash browns.

She showed the fried potatoes sitting in the pan and then dished into rainbow-colored bowls for her seven children.

Kim Kardashian verstom in bandlose korset in KKW-geuradvertensie saam met Jeff Leatham, the ex Counting On star wrote: “As a child, I remember waking up to the smell of breakfast!

There was just something about wandering into the kitchen and seeing my mom tossing shredded potatoes on a cast iron skillet, with scrambled eggs in another skillet and some fresh blueberries on the side!…”

Egter, the food in the photos reminded many fans of something much less appetizing.

One social media user asked: “Did you prepare worms, Anna? I legit thought this was maggots or worms.”

Another snarked: “All I see is larvae. If I presented that to anyone in my family, they’d insist I threw it out.”

“I could not eat these,” wrote a third.

“Larvae?”Vra 'n ander.

It’s not just her cooking that’s got folkstongues wagging, egter.


Anna is trying to carry on with family life after her husband was sentenced to 12 jare in die tronk.

Josh, 34, was handed out a punishment of 151 months after he was skuldig bevind aan die besit en ontvangs van kinderpornografie last December.

Anna and Josh share seven children: Mackynzie, 12; Michael, 11; Marcus, nege; Meredith, ses; Mason, vier; Maryella, twee; en newborn Madyson.

Onlangs, The Sun exclusively revealed that Anna’s sister has built a new home near Josh’s Texas prison, and fans have speculated that Anna and the kids will move close by.

He is serving his sentence at FCI Seagoville, which is a nearly six-hour drive from where his family lives in Arkansas.

Anna and her seven kids are currently making do in a small warehouse on Josh’s parents Jim bob en Michelle Duggar’s property.

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Although Anna’s family is begging her to divorce him, she has stood by her husband amid the legal scandal, and she was in attendance at every court hearing.

Anna still describes herself as “happily married” in haar Instagram -biografie.

Anna was previously ripped for showing off hashbrowns that looked like maggots

Anna was previously ripped for showing off hashbrowns that looked like maggotsKrediet: INSTAGRAM/annaduggar
She's also dealing with the fallout from husband Josh Duggar's arrest

She’s also dealing with the fallout from husband Josh Duggar’s arrestKrediet: Reddit
He's currently in prison after being charged for child pornography

He’s currently in prison after being charged for child pornographyKrediet: Toby Canham