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Due di ciechi 'mistico’ Le "profezie" di Baba Vanga’ per 2022 'si sono avverati’

TWO of blindmysticBaba Vanga’sprophecies” per 2022 have come truehere’s what else she’s predicted.

The late clairvoyant from Bulgaria, whose vague predictions have gripped the world since her death in 1996, ha left a spate of forecasts right through to 5079.

Blind psychic Baba Vanga predicted 9/11 and Barack Obama's presidency

Blind psychic Baba Vanga predicted 9/11 and Barack Obama’s presidencyCredito: Wikipedia
The late mystic made two chilling predictions about 2022

The late mystic made two chilling predictions about 2022Credito: EPA

But it’s her visions for 2022 that have haunted many.

The bling granny, who apparently predicted everything from Princess Diana’s death to 9/11 and Barack Obama’s presidency, disse 2022 would be gripped by two devastating natural disasters.

Mio padre claimed that parts of Asia and Australia would be hit by intense flooding.

This happened on the east coast of Australia, which was inundated with torrential rain and flooding earlier this year.

She also vaguely predicted that large cities would be hit by a drought and crippling water shortagesthough this could be interpreted as happening anywhere, at any time.

Lo and behold, di venerdì, a drought was officially declared in the UK.

The National Drought Group (NDG) met to discuss the continued dry avviso come 90mph 'Storm Dudley, which is expected to come to an end on Sunday with thunderstorms and heavy rain.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs later declared the most affected areas of Englandthe South West, parts of southern and central, and the Eastare to be moved into drought status.

Ciò comprende: Devon and Cornwall, Solent and South Downs, Kent, south London and East Sussex, Herts and north London, Anglia orientale, Thames, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, and the East Midlands.

Yorkshire and the West Midlands are expected to be moved into the drought category later this month.

The Environment Agency (EA) and water companies are expected to implement further plans to manage the impact of low water levels, which may include further hosepipe bansthough they insist supplies are safe.

Nel frattempo, families were forced to queue for bottles of water in Surrey dopo “technical issuessparked chaos at Thames Water’s Netley Mill Water Treatment Works.

Queues were seen snaking around the Cranleigh Village Way car park first thing as desperate residents waited for bottles.

The UK isn’t the only country facing a catastrophic droughtItaly and Portugal are both in the grips of one and residents are being asked to conserve water supplies.

Infatti, Italy is on course to experience its worst drought since the 1950s, secondo Lad Bible.

Baba Vanga also predicted another pandemic would take place in Siberia after researchers uncovered a lethal virus.

She also said there would be a famine in India following temperature plunges causing locus swarms.

She also said that aliens would arrive by an asteroid and that virtual reality would take over the worldwhich doesn’t seem so far-fetched given Meta’s new plans.

Baba Vanga’s real name was Vangelia Gushterova but was better known as theNostradamus of the Balkans”.

She lost her sight at 12 and claimed God gifted with her the ability to see the future.

Baba Vanga’s predictions haven’t been all that spot on.

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

She was wrong about Europe ending in 2016 and thankfully the four-year nuclear war she scheduled from 2010 per 2014 also failed to materialize.

In 2012, the Washington Post reported that many of her bizarre theories lived on 23 years after her deathon the Russian web.

Di venerdì, the UK officially declared a drought

Di venerdì, the UK officially declared a droughtCredito: PAPÀ