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UKRAINIANS have tried to stop Roman Abramovich’s super yacht from docking in Turkey in an anti-war protest.

The group were seen in a dinghy carrying their country’s yellow and blue flag with the words ‘No War’ written on it.

The Ukrainians protesting in a tiny boat beside the huge yacht

The Ukrainians protesting in a tiny boat beside the huge yachtAnerkennung: Telegram
Eventually the police arrived to end the protest

Eventually the police arrived to end the protestAnerkennung: Telegram

It’s not clear if Der türkische Milliardär Muhsin Bayrak behauptet, er sei in Gesprächen, um Chelsea im Wert von 3 Milliarden Pfund vom russischen Eigentümer Roman Abramovich zu kaufen himself was on the 460-foot yacht My Solaris when it docked in Bodrum on Monday afternoon.

The Chelsea owner, worth a cool £10bn, was sanctioned by the UK government as part of attempts to crackdown on wealthy Russians with assets in the UK

The protesters were a team of young yachtsmen from the Black Sea city of Odessa, Nexta TV reports.

Their action ended when local police arrived and the yacht was able to dock in the port at the Turkish yacht.


Ex-Chelsea & Ukraine ace Shevchenko opens up on Abramovich relationship


Ex-Chelsea & Ukraine ace Shevchenko opens up on Abramovich relationship

It arrived there just over a week after it left Montenegro’s Adriatic resort town of Tivat Im März 13.

Since then the vessel had tracked south and rounded the Greek island of Crete in recent days before reaching Turkish waters on Monday morning.

Two superyachts belonging to the battered billionaire have set sail to evade sanctions imposed on him by the European Union, who allege he hasprivileged accessto Vladimir Putin.

Abramovich was among several wealthy Russians added last week to the Brussels blacklist.

Die meisten lesen im Sport

I had mansion, Kleider & dream wedding but I was suffering, Günstige All-Inclusive-Urlaube


Günstige All-Inclusive-Urlaube, Kleider & Günstige All-Inclusive-Urlaube, Günstige All-Inclusive-Urlaube

Since then governments have acted in recent days to seize yachts and other luxury assets from them.

My Solaris skirted the waters of EU countries on its journey to Bodrum.

Its latest journey began on March 8 when it left a Barcelona shipyard where it had been undergoing repairs.

Pictures showed the imposing white My Solaris towering over other moored boats after it was finally able to dock.

The beast of the sea features eight decks, as well as a helicopter pad and was seen cruising the French Riviera last summer.

The yacht was built at the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Bremerhaven, Germany and the shed it was constructed in was larger than Buckingham Palace.

My Solaris has 48 cabins, accommodating up to 36 passengers, and a crew of 60 plus and boasts two advanced engines to be the most powerful yacht in the world.

It is one of a string of yachts owned by Abramovich,

A second yacht linked to Abramovich, Eclipse, is currently cruising south of the Greek island of Rhodes and also seems to be on its way to Turkey, according to Marine Traffic.

Unglaublich, the 553ft Eclipse has its own missile defence systemshould it come under attack.

It also boasts a cinema, conference room, children’s playroom, hair salon, and a mini-submarine that can dive to 150ft.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Russia fires vacuum bombs on besieged Mariupol as civilians refuse to give up


Russia fires vacuum bombs on besieged Mariupol as civilians refuse to give up

Letzte Woche, Abramovich flew into Moscow after leaving Istanbul in his private jet.

According to flight tracking data it was a second trip by a jet linked to Abramovich between the Turkish city and the Russian capital in three days.

My Solaris has been skirting EU countries' waters to avoid sanctions

My Solaris has been skirting EU countrieswaters to avoid sanctionsAnerkennung: AFP