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Jeff Brazier breaks silence after split with wife Kate and says he’s ‘proud

JEFF Brazier has broken his silence after announcing his split from wife Kate.

El presentador de televisión, 43, insisted he was ‘proud’ of himself for speaking out about the loneliness he was feeling after the end of his romance, despite initially feeling ‘embarrassed’ about his post.

Jeff Brazier has spoken out after his split

Jeff Brazier has spoken out after his split
Jeff with Kate prior to their split

Jeff with Kate prior to their split

Sharing a clip about his heartbreak, Jeff told his followers: “I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody that to my post yesterday. Since I sent it, I felt a little bit embarrassed, like I’d made a fuss.

It’s funny how things that we’ve been conditioned to feel all our lives sort of really follow you around.

That must be changing for me otherwise I wouldn’t have put it out there. I am proud to have shared something that was difficult. I’m glad that lots of other people have sort of been able to identity with it.

Él agregó: “That was what I felt like I needed to do and it was the right thing. It was a brave thing really. But I’m really pleased that I did it so I encourage anybody else in a certain situation to do the same.

Jeff broke the news of their break-up en Instagram el dia de ayer.

He and PR guru Kate, 32, had been together since 2013 y casarse en 2018.

She left the Essex house she shared with Jeff and his sons Poli, 19, y Freddie, 18, from his relationship with Hermano mayor estrella Jade Goody — who died from cervical cancer en 2009.

Jeff posted that he had been working through the end of his relación, on top of supporting someone close “who is going through something difficult”.

El día de hoy Kate revealed her heartbreak over the split.

Llevando a las redes sociales, Kate shared a message that read: “Someone you know is preparing for their first Christmas without their husband, esposa, mamá, padre, hermano, hermana, daughter or son.

It concluded: “Be kind, be generous, give love, give help; if nothing else. just don’t give people a hard time.

Yesterday it emerged that Kate walked out eight weeks ago and told pals she didn’t want to be a “stay at home wife”.

Una fuente : “Jeff is a homebird and is into spiritualism. Kate doesn’t want to be the kind of wife who stays at home, she likes to go out and be sociable.

“As time passed it became clear they had grown apart.”

Last year Jeff revealed that he and Kate had started couple’s counselling.

He found fame on Canal 4 reality show Shipwrecked en 2001 and has appeared on shows including Esta mañana, Celebridad MasterChef y Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins.

Jeff and Kate married in 2018

Jeff and Kate married in 2018
Jeff with sons Bobby and Freddie

Jeff with sons Bobby and Freddie