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Special needs head ‘raped pupil in office after claiming wife left him

A SPECIAL needs school headmaster raped a vulnerable pupil over a two-year reign of terror, a court heard today.

Dr Michael Dobbins, 54, is accused of targeting the girl, who had known the educator since she was a child.

Michael Dobbins is on trial at Londonderry Crown Court

Michael Dobbins is on trial at Londonderry Crown CourtCrédito: Alamy

She had becomebesottedwith the headteacher andadored” dele, it was said.

Dobbins allegedly raped her six times between January 1, 2013, e fevereiro 23, 2015, until she turned 19.

He is also accused of sexual assault and sexual activity with a female with a mental disorder who could not give consent.

Londonderry Crown Court was told the girl had a condition called translocationmeaning she was unable to deal with many basic life skills.

She was a pupil at Ardnashee School, which caters for people with learning difficulties between the ages of three and 19.

Jurors heard the alleged victimdoes not have the mental capacityto consent to any sexual activity at all.

She told police on one occasion, Dobbins closed the blinds in his office and told her his wife had left him.

He then proceeded to rape her, the court was told.

The woman also told officers she was raped in Dobbinsbedroom after he brought her to his home following band practice.

Dobbins denies ten charges against him and claims some people may have had grudges against him.

O julgamento continua.