'パージ’ 映画館「キラー’ クレーム「声’ 彼に2人のティーンエイジャーを撃たせた

THE alleged Purge movie theater shooter has claimed voices led him to kill after a cheerleader and TikToker were shot and killed.

ライリー・グッドリッチ, 18, was found dead in the attack in California during a screening of the movie The Forever Purge, and her date Anthony Barajas, 19, later died from his injuries.

ヨーゼフ・ヒメネス, 20, has been arrested

ヨーゼフ・ヒメネス, 20, has been arrestedクレジット: スプラッシュ
ライリー・グッドリッチ, 18, was shot in the head at point-blank range

ライリー・グッドリッチ, 18, was shot in the head at point-blank rangeクレジット: インスタグラム
アンソニー・バラハス, 19, died of his injuries

アンソニー・バラハス, 19, died of his injuriesクレジット: インスタグラム

Suspect Joseph Jimenez has since claimed that he killed the two teenagers because voices in his head that tormented him for eight months told him to.

The voices said my friends and family were going to be killed,” Jimenez said in a jailhouse interview on Wednesday, により得られました The Press-Enterprise.

He was then asked if shooting Goodrich and Barajas was the only way to save his loved ones, to which he replied “基本的, yeah.

Jimenez claimed that the voices also threaten to steal his car and television.

He added that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia roughly eight months ago and was taking medication. しかしながら, he admitted that recently he has not been taking his pills as they hadran out” そして彼 “didn’t get it refilled.

Speaking of the night of the killing, Jimenez said the voices were overwhelming and stopped him from concentrating on the movie.


Despite the theme of The Forever Purgebeing that all laws are suspended for 12-hours per yearJimenez said this did not influence his actions.

He said that he left the theater and went to his car to retrieve the gun he had purchased online.

Jimenez was sat with three friends who told investigators that they had been alarmed by him bringing the gun in and talking to himself, leading them to flee the building.

He was sat behind Barajas and Goodrich, near the back of the theater, when he came up behind them.

The suspect claimed that he shot Barajas first and Goodrichsort of jumpedbefore Jimenez shot her too. He then ran away from the theater, as he felt his heart beating, 彼は言った.

Jimenez is set to be arraigned in court on Thursday morning on two counts of murder with two special-circumstance allegationslying in wait and multiple murders.

These charges could see him face the death penalty if the attorney’s office decides to pursue it.

As reported by The Sun, the cheerleader was on her first date with Barajas, whom she met over July 4 週末.


Her father David Goodrich says that Rylee was texting her mother that the movie was boring just minutes before she was killed by the suspect, ヨーゼフ・ヒメネス.

He says his daughter “チャンスさえなかった” after Jimenez shot her execution-style.

“彼は基本的に彼女の頭の後ろで彼女のポイントブランクを撃った,” 43歳は言った DailyMail.com.

David added that Barajas managed to swerve after he heard the first shot with the second bullet hitting him in the eye.

Barajas was initially in critical condition but later died following the shooting.

Then he shot her new boyfriend behind his head. He was able to flinch so it went through his eye, so he was able to survive,” デビッド, who works as a private investigator, 前記.

I don’t know if they’ve taken him off life support but I think he’s brain dead.


David said that she had been excited about the date and that he approved of the relationship despite being protective over her.

My first inkling, he was this TikTok influencer, and I rolled my eyes like ‘are you kidding me? 本当に, that’s your future?'” he told DailyMail.com.

But her mom was very much give the guy a chance.

I met him once before he went to Hawaii a few weeks ago. And then he came back from Hawaii and she was so excited.

This sweet, sweet boy came with a bag full of souvenirs for all of us. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen an 18-year-old do,” 彼が追加した.

David said that the couple had gone to Rylee’s favorite restaurant before heading to the movie.

She texted my wife how boring and stupid it was, how she didn’t like the movie. That was the last we heard from her,” the grieving father added.

It had to be right then.


サッカー選手のバラハスは 920,000 TikTok以上のフォロワー 40,000 Instagramのフォロワー.

Yet David said that he approved of the teen who appeared to have hishead screwed on straight.

I’m a big, strong guy with a bunch of tattoos, I’m very protective of her,” 彼は言った.

I let her do her life, but she knows I’m really protective and I wanted her to meet a guy who’s going to be compassionate and sensitive, and he seemed like that guy.

He told me about his online personality, his TikTok thing,” デビッドは説明した.

He goes, ‘I’ve monetized it, made a bit of money here and there but that’s not my reality. I know it is what it is.So he had his head screwed on straight.


Jimenez, 20, was arrested by Corona police and booked for murder, 殺人未遂, と強盗.

Rylee’s wallet was found in his home and he reportedly told cops that he had been hearing voices before he attacked the couple.

しかしながら, David believes the suspect is pushing for an insanity plea deal.

They found my daughter’s wallet at his house, which means it was a robbery-homicide. From what I understand it was a random thing,” 彼は言った.

I’m not going to sit here and have a spitting contest about the second amendment. But an easy thing is to put in some metal detectors before you go in a movie theater.

I was at a baseball game that night. They had to screen 40,000 people at a baseball game they have the wherewithal and finances to do that and you’re telling me they don’t in a movie theater? It’s easy,” David added.

My daughter would be alive.

During the actual movie time, no one apparently heard the gunshot.

Employee Kailyn Dillon KCAL

The shooting took place just before midnight on Monday at the リーガルエドワーズコロナクロッシングス, カリフォルニア.

伝えられるところによると、スタッフは彼らが片付けをしている間に犠牲者を発見しました, インクルード ニューヨークポスト レポート.

従業員のカイリン・ディロンはKCALに語った: 「実際の映画の時間中, 誰も銃声を聞いていないようです。」

There were only three other people inside the movie theater at the time.

They do not think the theme of the movie is connected to the crime.

The young couple was watching The Forever Purge – 政府が殺人を含むすべての犯罪を許可するディストピアアクション映画 – when the shooting erupted.

The pair were watching The Forever Purge

The pair were watching The Forever Purgeクレジット: スプラッシュ
The shooting took place in the Regal Edwards Corona Crossings in California

The shooting took place in the Regal Edwards Corona Crossings in Californiaクレジット: AP


しかしながら, 火曜日にエルセリートにあるジミネスの家を捜索中, 警官は、銃撃を実行するために使用されたと彼らが信じている銃を見つけました.

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「パージの瞬間絶望的なお父さん’ shooting victim Rylee Goodrich, 18, screams at suspect in court