QAnon担当者のジムマネージャー「フリング」’ 彼女とのすべてがうまくいかない’

MARJORIE Taylor Greene’s husband is seeking divorce after a gym manager who reportedly had an affair with the QAnon rep said thateverything with her comes to no good.

The divorce bombshell comes after the Republican congresswoman cheated on her husband and had severalbrazenaffairs a decade ago, reported.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and her husband have three children

Marjorie Taylor Greene and her husband have three childrenクレジット: インスタグラム
Greene allegedly had an affair with Justin Tway

Greene allegedly had an affair with Justin Twayクレジット: フェイスブック

The Georgia congresswoman was allegedly unfaithful to her spouse of 25 年 Perry Greene with polyamorous tantric sex guru Craig Ivey and the manager at her gym, Justin Tway.

The reported extra-marital activities seemingly did not break the couple though, and Perry, 49, initially remained by her side.

The congresswoman’s former boss at the CrossFit gym in Alpharetta, ジョージア, billionaire Jim Chambers, told the Mail that she’d had the affairs when she worked for him in 2012, the first being withTantric WarriorIvey.

She socialized a lot with us,” the 36-year-old businessman explained. “I remember one particular pool party where she was lying draped over Craig’s lap drinking a beer.

She was quite open about it. We all thought her marriage was falling apart.

But then I took my son to her son’s birthday party and things seemed totally normal between her and her husband – even if they were a little lukewarm.

She apparently struck up a relationship with Ivey while working in gyms in Alpharetta.

Ivey, 42, was living in a trailer in Washington state with his girlfriend, and had recently purchased a house in Buckley with another couple, which they planned to turn into a polyamorous commune.

He enjoys participating in reenactments of medieval battles and says on his Instagram page he isliving a warrior lifestyle while finding tantric love.

He told the Daily Mail, “‘I will not respond to anything about this.

Chambers appointed a new manager for his gym who he hoped may purchase it in the long-run, Justin Tway.

Greene and her husband have been married for more than 25 年

Greene and her husband have been married for more than 25 年クレジット: インスタグラム
Tway is located in Alpharetta, ジョージア, where he runs a gym

Tway is located in Alpharetta, ジョージア, where he runs a gymクレジット: フェイスブック

But he reportedly quickly became Greene’s next conquest.

This seemed much more serious than the affair with Craig,” Chambers said.

That was more of a flirty thing. But with Justin she seemed to have designs on a more long-term relationship.

Chambers believes the power-hungry future politician set her sights on domination: “My impression is that she knew he might take over the gym and she wanted to be there right alongside him,” 彼は言った.

With Marjorie it always seemed to be a power thing,” the unnamed source added. “If anyone was a leader or in a position of power, she would gravitate to them, and that is what it was like with Justin.

Tway remains in Alpharetta with his wife Sherrie, where he runs a gym.

He told the Daily Mail, “I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman.

Everything with her comes to no good.

An anonymous gym-goer close to the controversial congresswoman claimed her secret trysts were obvious to everyone, telling the Daily Mail: “Certainly she was screwing around.

But Greene told the Mail the claims areridiculous tabloid garbage spread by an avowed Communist”.

She said the claims areanother attempt to smear my name because I’m the biggest threat to the DemocratsSocialist agenda”.

Greene often describes herself as astrong conservative Christian”.

The QAnon rep tied the knot with Perry Greene in 1995 and they celebrated 25 years of marriage on August 11, 2020.

Greene once described Perry as herbest friend and biggest supporterin a Facebook post to mark the anniversary.


9月に 28, 2022, it was reported that Perry Greene has filed for divorce, stating that the nearly 30-year marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

氏. Greene went to the Floyd County Superior Court on Tuesday and motioned to have the divorce from the congresswoman filed under seal.

It is not known on what grounds he has filed for divorce at this time.

“The petitioner shows that he expects there will be certain pleadings, affidavits, and other documents filed in this case such that the record will contain sensitive personal and financial information, the public disclosure of which would negatively impact the parties’ privacy interests,” stated the motion to seal.

MS. Taylor Greene also released a statement stating that she was afirm believerin marriage, acknowledging that theyformed our family and raised three great kids.

I’ll always be grateful for how great of a dad he is to our children,” 彼女は結論を下した.


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“This is a private and personal matter and I ask that the media respect our privacy at this time.”

The couple has three children together: ローレン, テイラー, and Derek.

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