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Você pode reivindicar estadia GRATUITA na cabine neste inverno – verifique se você se qualifica

A THOUSAND Brits can claim a free staycation in a luxury cabin this winter

A new not-for-profit initiative allows UK carers to chill out on a complimentary three-night getaway as a way of saying a heartfelt thank you to society’s unsung heroes.

A new initiative Nights On Lottie will gift carers nights away

A new initiative Nights On Lottie will gift carers nights awayCrédito: unplugged
1,000 nights away are up for grabs

1,000 nights away are up for grabsCrédito: unplugged
They will stay in digital detox cabins in the countryside

They will stay in digital detox cabins in the countrysideCrédito: unplugged

The campaign created by care home market-place Lottie, aims to give back to carers who play a vital role in society caring for and supporting hundreds of thousands of individuals, young and old.

In partnership with The Care Workers Charity Lottie will offer 1,000 free night stays at a raft of amazing destinations exclusively for carers across the UK in 2023.

The lucky carers will be whisked away with Unplugged, who run a variety of digital detox cabins in the UK countryside.

Nights On Lottie’s first giveaway with Unplugged will run until midnight on 9th January 2023.

Open to anyone who works as a care worker or carer (both paid and unpaid), all you need to do is either nominate yourself, a friend, family member, or colleague, via the online submission form.

33 winners will be chosen at random when the competition ends to win a free 3-night stay at one of Unplugged’s cabins at any time in 2023 (excluding Bank Holidays).

Strictly’s Anton Du Beke is backing the campaign as his mother worked as a carer and knows how important a role it is.

Ele disse: “The majority of adults will care for a family member or friend at some point in their lives, and naturally the impact on a whole range of things are underestimated.

“This initiative is a way of giving much needed respite to carers both paid and unpaid on the frontline.

Will Donnelly co-founder Lottie disse: “We are thankful to Anton for his help in raising awareness of the valuable role that carers play up and down the country day in and day out.

Despite being a fundamental part of the UK’s healthcare system – especially over the last few years – the UK’s social care workforce are often overworked and underappreciated. Many carers, especially unpaid carers, (someone who cares for a friend or family member due to illness, a disability, or a mental health issue) feel invisible and unrecognised for all that they do”.

“We are incredibly honoured to have Anton’s support to launch our 1000-night pledge. Nights On Lottie is a huge opportunity to raise awareness of our on-going mission to champion the incredible efforts of carers across the UKand it was inspired by the fantastic work of Nights On Us, who gifted NHS workers free hotel stays during the pandemic.”

Night’s On Lottie’s first pledge of 100 free night stays with Unplugged officially launches on 23rd November to mark Carers Rights Day 2022 (24th November).

To nominate your own Nights on Lottie carer, Visita aqui.