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Rosie Ramsey scoppia in lacrime mentre lotta per allattare il piccolo Rafe

ROSIE Ramsay has broke down in tears after revealing she is struggling to breastfeed baby Rafe in a candid parenting post.

The mother-of-two, who is the wife of comedian Chris Ramsay, took to her Instagram to open up about hers*** t**struggle with her second child.

Rosie told fans she was struggling as she admitted she couldn't breast feed

Rosie told fans she was struggling as she admitted she couldn’t breast feedCredito: Instagram
The mother-of-two has formula-fed both her healthy sons

The mother-of-two has formula-fed both her healthy sonsCredito: rosemarinoramsey/Instagram

Rosie, 35, posted a photograph of herself clutching her baby son as she cried trying to feed him to kick of the series of emotional posts.

Further snaps saw the star wincing in pain as her young son tried to feed, as well as the mum attempting to pump her breastmilk.

She wrote to her 808,000 seguaci, comforting other mums: “To all my fellow ‘S*** T** Sisters’, I see you. I see your pain. We tried.

We cried when night after night our babies were hungry and our boobs couldn’t provide. I see your struggle. I feel your heartache.

We wanted nothing more than our babies to latch, to feel that sucking, to not struggle every feed. Feed after feed. Day after day. Week after week.

She went on to share unhelpful comments others had made towards her, including condescendingly asking her if she wasdoing it right”.

I KNOW! My boobs literally won’t do itit’s been over a month and my boobs still don’t work,” she went on to explain, adding that she had to use formula milk after tryingher darnedest”.

With Rafe it took him being taken to hospital as he was losing so much weight. Oh the guilt,” Rosie went on.

I do agree that breast is best. Purtroppo, it doesn’t happen naturally for every woman, I am evidence of that.

I know from experience that it’s not always possible. And you know what? I’m finally at peace with it, because my boys are class and all I did was try.

The mother-of-two boys welcomed her second son Rafe in January, bringing him home to meet older brother Robin shortly after.

She previously told of how Rafe had to undergo a procedure on hispointedears just weeks after being born.

Instagram influencer Rosie told her 736,000 followers little Rafe had treatment on his ears to reshape them and told her fans about a service called EarBuddies.

Mum-of-two Rosie shared photos of sleeping Rafe with tape over his ears and shared advice on how parents could access the treatment on her Instagram Story.

It appears a lot of people weren’t offered the service at their local hospital. Luckily the service is available for parents to access online and do it themselves at home (the doctor told me this yesterday)”

In other snaps, Rosie said her son’s tiny ears were only slightly pointed but she hoped by reshaping them it would ensure Rafe wouldn’t grow up to be self-conscious about them.

Another snap saw Rosie wincing as she tried her best to feed her son

Another snap saw Rosie wincing as she tried her best to feed her sonCredito: INSTAGRAM
She shared the photos for Breastfeeding Awareness Week

She shared the photos for Breastfeeding Awareness WeekCredito: INSTAGRAM

Chris Ramsay’s wife Rosie thanks fans for the kind comments for her bath and baby Instagram post