EastEnders fans convinced they’ve solved Ravi’s dad’s identity after clue

EASTENDERS fans are convinced that Ranveer isn’t actually Ravi’s dad after a lack of emotion over murder scenes.

Viewers predict there will be a shock twist following events this week which saw Ravi kill his father Ranveer. 

EastEnders fans are convinced Ranveer isn't Ravi's real dad

EastEnders fans are convinced Ranveer isn’t Ravi’s real dad

However, some viewers believe that Ravi Gulati didn’t actually kill his dad, who they predict is actually Nishandeep Panesar. 

Ravi, who is played by Aaron Thiara, was recently released from prison and thrown into this dramatic storyline. 

However, viewers still don’t know much about the character — or why he was in prison. 

Ravi was introduced to EastEnders on July 4 after Phil Mitchell asked him for a burner phone in prison. 

On Monday night’s episode of the BBC soap, he went to the Queen Vic looking for his dad, but was instead directed toward Suki’s, where she and Ranveer were having dinner. 

However, when he arrived, he found Suki Panesar standing over his dad’s body.

Ranveer had attempted to rape Suki, but she managed to knock him unconscious with her the clock — but Suki thought she’d killed him.

In Wednesday’s episode, Ravi allowed Suki to believe this and pretended to help her cover it up. But he actually killed his father before cutting up his body, putting him in a suitcase and throwing it in the river.

Suki and Ravi dealt with the aftermath in Thursday night’s episode, but fans have been left disturbed by Ravi’s lack of emotion over his dad’s death.

“Ravi doesn’t seem too upset,” one fan observed.

This has led fans to believe a shock twist is coming, and that Ranveer isn’t actually his dad. 

A second fan explained their theory about who Ravi’s real father might be, saying, “I’m suspecting that Nishandeep is actually Ravi’s dad – making him half-brother to Vinny, Kheerat, Jags and Ash.”

Nishandeep is Suki’s husband, and the pair have four children together. However, he is currently in prison and is yet to make an appearance in the show. 

Ranveer and Nishandeep were friends when they were young, which is the connection between the Gulatis and the Panesars.

Ravi and Kheerat Panesar also have a long-running rivalry.

Another fan posed a different theory: “Or Nishandeep made Suki give up a child she had with somebody else (maybe even killed him and that’s what he’s in prison for) and Ravi is now getting rid of the kids she kept.”

“I agree,” added another viewer. “It seems to me that Ravi wants to be head of that household, and maybe that’s why he has a problem with Kheerat.”

They continued: “I’m guessing that Ravi and Kheerat are about the same age, so I’m wondering what happened to make them rivals.”

However, these theories were a little hard to swallow for some viewers.


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“I don’t know, I’ve not seen anything in Suki’s reactions to Ravi to suggest he’s her secret son,” another fan commented.

They added: “He’s definitely weirdly intense about her (jealousy that Kheerat had better parents, issues relating to his own mum?), but so far it seems one-sided to me.”

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7:30pm on BBC One.