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First Dates fans horrified as guest recalls VERY rude run-in with man in car park

FIRST Dates viewers were left gobsmacked after a guest revealed a VERY rude encounter with a man in a cark park.

Truck driver Beth, 35, was hoping to meet the man of her dreams on the Kanaal 4 dating show after years of meeting the wrong kind of men.

A First Dates guest revealed her horrifying experience with a man in a car park

A First Dates guest revealed her horrifying experience with a man in a car parkKrediet: Kanaal 4
Viewers were shocked by the very rude confession

Viewers were shocked by the very rude confessionKrediet: Kanaal 4

The Birmingham-based guest said her job can sometimes hinder her chances of finding love.

Speaking to the cameras, sy het gese: “Yes I am a mother trucker, I drive an artic, so I drive the biggest thing on the road.

In my depo, we have about 180 bestuurders…I am the only woman.

Yes I meet a lot of men, but not ones that I want to take home.

Speaking to bartender Merlin Griffiths, the woman recalled a horrifying experience with a stranger while she was on the road.

I’ve had some interesting things happen in lay-bys,” sy het gese.

Merlin was intrigued and asked her to elaborate, with the contestant replying: “I once caught a guy self-pleasuring himself whilst stroking the back of my trailer.

“Soos jy doen,” Merlin quipped.

Viewers could not believe their ears and raced to Twitter to share their horror.

Een het geskryf: “I asked Beth to never mention that incident ever again… #FirstDates

A second joked: “#FirstDates I once met a man self pleasuring himself….just wow.

While a third penned: “Beth is my type of woman! #FirstDates

It comes after another contestant shared his embarrassing confession on the popular show.

Former escort Lewis, 28, van Essex, was paired with the blonde beauty Fleur, 24.

He recalled a time when a woman offered him a job to escort for her company.

Fleur could not believe her ears and asked if he was bluffing.

Hy gaan voort: “She said you don’t have to sleep with women, so I said ‘OK’ – one of them asked if I could dancelike strip.

Speaking backstage, Lewis said: “A woman split up from a guy and she wanted me to dance to a Backstreet Boys song because that was her break-up song – maar, look it’s a job.

Lewis then stripped off backstage and re-enacted it along to the 90s boybands hit song As Long As You Love Me.

The Essex lad showed off his lap dancing skills and then ripped off his t-shirt.

But viewers were forced to watch the awkward moment through their fingers.

Een het geskryf: “No no no no. Ineenkrimp. #FirstDates. Put your clothes back on fella.

The former escort showed off his lap dancing skills

The former escort showed off his lap dancing skills