F1マネージャー 2022 ローンチ後わずか 2 か月でサポートを受けられなくなる

F1 MANAGER 2022 was released on August 25, and the developer has announced that the next update will be the final one.

It was to be the first game in a new series of 式 1 management games, but support has already been pulled by developer Frontier.

The next update will be the last.

The next update will be the last.クレジット: Frontier Developments

F1マネージャー 2022 was decently received by fans on release, with many praising the flexibility in developments and upgrades for your team.

しかしながら, the launch was hampered by a number of bugs, and features that didn’t work as intended.

Players weren’t worried however, as many games continue to receive updates that improve playability long after launch.

While updates for F1 Manager 2022 have been well-received by fans, there are still a number of issues that need to be fixed.

Despite this the developer will no longer be updating the game after the next scheduled update.

The latest patch was the 1.9 更新, released on October 5.

The ninth update brought a number of welcome changes, but there are still errors that need ironing out.

The launch of a game is usually the time when the most number of games are purchased and afterwards sales tail off.

しかしながら, by announcing that the game will no longer be supported, this move almost ensures that sales of F1 Manager 2022 will be significantly reduced.

Sales for the game reportedly “reached expectations”, and it was the fourth most-purchased game in the UK the week of its release.

Not only did it sell well, but it has a dedicated following and playerbase of Formula 1 ファン, including world champion driver マックスフェルスタッペン.

Verstappen admitted to playing F1 Manager, going as far as to complain about one of his teammate’s ratings in-game.

Despite strong sales and celebrity endorsement, the decision has still been made to end support.

Frontier is expected to move the developers working on updates to a different title.

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