ラブアイランドのDavideとEkin-Suが再結合し、WINがファンを言う – でもひねりがあります

LOVE Island fans are convinced that Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Culculoglu are going to recouple and WIN the show.

Viewers flooded Twitter on Sunday night to speculate that the former flames would get back together in upcoming episodes.

Ekin-Su and Davide sat down for a chat on Sunday

Ekin-Su and Davide sat down for a chat on Sundayクレジット: エロテメ
Fans think the couple could WIN if they get back together

Fans think the couple could WIN if they get back togetherクレジット: エロテメ

Turkish actress, Ekin-Su, 26, and Italian hunk ダビデ, 27, sat down for a hilarious in the ラブアイランド villa in the latest episode.

Sitting awkwardly across from each other, the pair giggled as they discussed Ekin-Su‘s hopes to find someone new in the villa.

So anyway, anything you want to ask me or talk to me about?” the actress started the conversation, as Davide replied: “あまり, 番号.

I thought I had been clear, nothing changed in my opinion of you. Sometimes I laugh with you and like to take the piss out of you but…”


Gemma screams at Ekin-Su and Dami as Love Island descends into civil war


Gemma screams at Ekin-Su and Dami as Love Island descends into civil war

I’m not coming to you to – this is a friendship talk. リラックス,” Ekin-Su hit back, confirming she was not trying to rekindle their romance.

I am very relaxed, 私を見て,” Davide replied, as the pair laughed at each other and Ekin-Su insisted: “I am very relaxed, look at 自分.”

“そう, are you waiting for someone else to come in?” the Italian star then asked, as Ekin-Su explained she wasif things don’t work out with Charlie”.

I’m open for someone to come or…” 彼女は始めました, before Davide interjected: “Another gym git guy maybe?”


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Ekin-Su was then seen in the Beach Hut as she tried to work out Davide’s intention, saying shedidn’t know what’s going on”.

He’s saying all these things like ‘Oh the one needs to come in’. We’re talking as friends but there’s something,” 彼女は主張した.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something with Davide that I don’t have with anyone else in here.

Fans took to Twitter to speculate that the awkwardness between the pair could indicate that they are still into each other.

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Fans explained they felt that the couple would rekindle their romancebut there could be a cruel twist in the works.

Some took to Twitter to speculate Davide and Ekin-Su could WIN the showbut only for Davide to walk away with all the money.

I love Dami and Indiyah but if Davide and Ekin- Su get back together we have to make them the winners,” 1つは書いた.

I feel like Davide is messing with Ekin-Su,” 秒は言った, as a third wrote: “Davide needs Ekin-Su to steal the money from her.

OK picture this, Ekin-Su and Davide get together, 勝つ, and one of them steals the money,” 4番目のチャイム.




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A fifth fan speculated: “If Davide and Ekin-Su get back together and win, Davide will have the last laugh and steal the money.

While a sixth concluded: “If Davide and Ekin-Su won Love Island he would take the money as his final revenge, I just know it.