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I feel rejected after girl I adore told me she just wanted to be mates

LIEBE DEIDRE: WHEN I told my friend I have feelings for her, she said she liked me too – but not in that way.

We agreed to be friends but that is not what I want.

I really want her to fancy me

I really want her to fancy me

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I only offered to be friends because I want her in my life.

When I brought the subject up again the other day, she said the same thing. Why won’t she give me a try?

I am a 24-year-old guy, while she is 22.

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If she likes me, why wouldn’t she want to be more than friends and date?

I am so confused. I want her to be my girlfriend but clearly she doesn’t want that.

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DEIDRE SAGT: I know it hurts but you cannot make someone feel something they do not.

You would be much better off putting your energies into meeting new friends, rather than hoping your friend will somehow change her mind.


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Time will heal your broken heart and you will eventually meet someone who is perfect for you because she feels the same.

My support pack Mending A Broken Heart will help you move on from this.