英国人は、55秒以上で免疫力がより速く衰えるので、Covidブースターを入手するように促しました’ 英国人は、55秒以上で免疫力がより速く衰えるので、Covidブースターを入手するように促しました’

LADY Gaga’s dog walker shooting suspect is “on the loose” after being “mistakenly released”, 報告によると.

Cops in Los Angeles are now conducting “all out manhunt” to bring the suspect back to custody.

クレジット: メガエージェンシー

その男, who is accused of shooting レディー・ガガ‘s dog walker, ライアン・フィッシャー, was mistakenly released due to a “clerical error”, The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed.

ライアン suffered a collapsed lung after he was shot in the chest in February 2021 while walking Gaga’s three French bulldogs.

The suspect was arrested along with two other documented gang members and charged with attempted murder and armed robbery.

The mistaken release occured after the suspect attended court proceedings on Tuesday at Clara Shortridge Criminal Justice Center.

He was then let out the following day.


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