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Ich habe meinem Freund eine SMS geschrieben, als ich mich fett fühlte … seine Antwort machte die Sache noch schlimmer

WHEN WE are not feeling our most confident, it’s common to seek reassurance from our partner.

We often expect them to offer kind words but one woman was left stunned by her boyfriend’s response.

Hannah shared the appalling message to TikTok

Hannah shared the appalling message to TikTokAnerkennung: TikTok/@rodrickssimp_

TikTok-Benutzer, rodrickssimp_, shared the video of her boyfriend’s response, where it has gone viral with over two million views.

Hannah who is from the UK but now lives in Spain shared the disastrous message with her followers.

She did not share the original message that she sent him, but by the looks of his response it suggests she wasn’t feeling confident with her appearance that day and felt ‘fat’.

Instead of comforting Hannah or offering kind words he shockingly replied: “If you feel fat just don’t eat for a few.

Don’t know what else to tell you babe.

Hannah captioned the video: “He didn’t even send a TW (trigger warning).”

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In a comment under the video, one woman said he had better be her ex now, to which Hannah said he was.

Some users astoundingly said they could relate to his reply, einer sagte: “Well what the hell was he supposed to say lol?”

Another responded saying: “Y’all acting as if he isn’t right.

Thankfully most users agreed that it was not an appropriate text for a boyfriend to send; “Imagine not taking a few moments out of your day to just make the person you claim to love feel better.Wrote one person.

Another user commented: “These comments are horrible. you’re so beautiful babes and you deserve to eat whenever and whatever you want. you deserve way better than this boy.

How does someone think “yes this is perfect let me send it” is he genuinely ok?” Said a third user.

Users were shocked by his text and glad Hannah ditched him

Users were shocked by his text and glad Hannah ditched himAnerkennung: TikTok/@rodrickssimp_

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