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I got charged £460 for 4 drankies & a snack at Mykonos beach restaurant

A TOURIST has described her horror after she was charged £460 for four drinks and a snack at a notorious Mykonos beach restaurant.

US lawyer Theodora McCormick was visiting the [object Window] island with her husband on vakansie when the couple stopped at DK Oyster Bar to grab a drink.

Theodora McCormick, reg, was on holiday with her husband on Mykonos from the US

Theodora McCormick, reg, was on holiday with her husband on Mykonos from the USKrediet: Theodora McCormick
The giant boots in which they were served their beer

The giant boots in which they were served their beerKrediet: Theodora McCormick
A plate of oysters and four drinks set the couple back 500 euro (£460)

A plate of oysters and four drinks set the couple back 500 euro (£460)Krediet: Theodora McCormick

After ordering two beers, two cocktails and some seafood, the pair were stunned to be handed an exorbitant bill.

And when they tried to complain, they said they were squared up to by hulking waiters.

DK Oyster Bar has been at the centre of controversy and has a reputation for staggering prices.

It has been accused of scamming touristsallegations it always furiously denies as it defends its high prices.

Speaking from her home in New Jersey, Theodora, 50, vertel The Sun Online they had been in the beachside resort of Platis Gialos last month when they stopped in the infamous DK Oyster.

They were looking to order a taxi back to their hotel when they saw the sign outside DK Oyster which said that taxis could be ordered from inside.

I told my husband, ‘Ag, why don’t we call a taxi and grab a drink,'” sy het gese.

That was my big mistake.

When the waiter came over, Theodora said she asked for a cocktail menu, but instead of bringing one over, he rattled off a list of options.

They ordered two martinis and two beers, which they were stunned to see arrived in giant glass bootswhich are estimated to be brimming with around three pints.

The waiter also pestered them to order some seafood and so the couple ordered a dozen oysters.

Before ordering the bill, Theodora and her husband were bracing themselves for a hefty tabbut they what they got sent their left their jaws dropped.

It was Mykonos, we knew it was going to be ridiculous,” sy het gese. “250-odd euros, that’s what we were thinking.

But when we got the bill and it was around 500 euro (£460).

My husband was like, ‘there’s got to be a mistake.

When they tried to complain about the bill, Theodora said they were immediately surrounded by the waiters, “a group of big, hulking men”.

Sy gaan aan: “They have no female waiters.

I feel foolish because I don’t normally fall for those types of scams

Theodora McCormick

As it was a day before they were scheduled to fly home, they felt they had no choice but to back down and pay.

Sy het bygevoeg: “I told my husband, ‘We’re in a foreign country. It’s ridiculous, but it’s obviously some sort of scam. We’ll pay up and try to deal with our credit card company later’.

Describing theweird experience,” Theodora said it was only when they got back to their hotel and looked at the DK Oyster Bar’s hundreds of negative reviews on TripAdvisor that they realised they had been scammed.

I feel foolish because I don’t normally fall for those types of scams,” sy het gese. “It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing. We weren’t planning on eating there, but we saw the sign.

And she slammed the bar’sbizarre business model” van “ripping off tourists and making people unhappy”.

Sy het bygevoeg: “They’re never going to have any repeat business, but I suppose they get enough people from around the world that there’s always a supply of fresh meat.

Theodora said that they had visited a number of the Greek islands as well as Mykonos, and that most of their meals wereextremely reasonable,” and that they were often able to enjoy great meals for just 40 euro (£36).

DK Oyster Bar has racked up hundreds of one-star reviews

DK Oyster Bar has racked up hundreds of one-star reviewsKrediet: Theodora McCormick

Her experience is echoed by hundreds of other customers, with DK Oyster having a 2.5 star rating on TripAdvisor from 1,532 reviews as of publication.

The bar has 635 one star, 33 two star, 19 three star, 52 four star, en 339 five star reviews.

Furious customers blasted the restaurant as theworst experience everand accused them of being a “verneukspul”.

Egter, other customers were more positivepraising the restaurant’s setting and sayingprices are good for the high class restaurant it is”.

DK Oyster has a reputation for high pricesand was recently fined £25,000 after an audit by Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency, berigte Protothema en die Greek City Times.

The investigation was sparked by two Americans who claimed they were charged more than £500 for a pair of mojitos and some crab legs.

apokalips, die notorious bar’s owner Dimitrios Kalamaras issued a direct response to his criticsand denied customers claims they don’t know the prices before they step inside.

He accused many of his reviewers on TripAdvisor of lying, and said followingdozensof similarfalse” eise, he had installed three blackboards at the entrance to the restaurant displaying his prices.

Dimitrios also said thatno adult in their right mindwould order a drink without seeing how much it costs first and told customers to discuss the price with the manager before they order.

The bar's beachside location draws in a number of customers

The bar’s beachside location draws in a number of customersKrediet: DK Oyster Bar
The premium views come with a hefty pricetag

The premium views come with a hefty pricetagKrediet: DK Oyster Bar

Justifying his higher-than-average prices, he said that DK Oyster’sconceptwas completely different to other restaurants.

And he accused critics of beinginfluencerswho were looking for a free meal.

“Ongelukkig, all of us who work in the hospitality sector have been approached by notorious ‘influencerswho instead of making their living by advertising products and services to their audience, they put pressure on certain businesses for exorbitant fees and free meals,” hy het gesê.

In DK Oyster, we have advertised in the ways we consider suitable for our restaurant and we will not succumb to the influencers who have been attracted to the beautiful island of Mykonos.

Voorheen, a Brit holidaymaker revealed how he was charged £360 for four drinks and a snack at therip-off” restaurant.

Jak Kypri, van Londen, was visiting the Greek island and thought that he wouldn’t be ripped off because he spoke Greek.

I thought if they try to scam me I’ll tell them to p*** off and give me the real price.

But when he walked in, Jak said that waiters didn’t offer him a menu, instead telling him what they had.

Jak ordered two tequilas, two beers, and some shrimp which, when it arrived, was justsix prawns”.

To his horror, when the bill arrived, Jak was handed a receipt for an eyewatering 425 euro (£360).

While another Brit tourist claimed she was charged £50 for lemonade so bitter it was undrinkable by die “rip-off” kroeg.

And a furious dad lashed out at the restaurant after his daughter was allegedly charged nearly £300 for a single meal.

The Sun Online has approached DK Oyster Bar for comment.