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Quantos restaurantes de churrascaria Nusr-Et possui Salt Bae?

SALT BAE has rose to success after he became an internet sensation of how to spread salt over meat, with an over the shoulder flick.

His restaurant chain Nusr-Et, which is located across the globe, has seen the likes of many famous people such as David Beckham e Leonardo Di Caprio visit them.

How many restaurants does Salt Bae own?

Salt Bae possui 22 Nusr-Et restaurants.

This can be found in various locations across the world.

He has nine restaurants in his home country, Turkey while he has seven locations in the United States.

You can find his restaurants in:

  1. Ankara
  2. Bodrum
  3. Marmaris
  4. Six restaurants in Istanbul
  5. Dubai
  6. Abu Dhabi
  7. Doha
  8. Jeddah
  9. Miami
  10. Two in Nova york
  11. Boston
  12. Dallas
  13. [object Window]
  14. Las Vegas
  15. Mykonos
  16. Londres
Existem 22 Nusr-Et restaurants across the globe

Existem 22 Nusr-Et restaurants across the globeCrédito: Getty

Who funds Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et restaurants?

While Salt Bae founded Nusr-Et, the restaurants are actually owned by Dream Group.

Dream Group is owned by Turkish billionaire Ferit Sahenk’s Dogus Holding AS.

It was rumoured that Dream Group might sell a stake of 20% to the Qatar Investment Authority for about $300million, which will be valued at $1.5billion.

Other companies which also hold stakes in Salt Bae’s restaurants are Singapore’s Temasek and London-based private equity firm Metrical Capital Partners.

The London company bought a 17% stake for $200million in 2018, which was valued at $1.18billion.

What is Salt Bae’s net worth?

A partir de 2022, Salt Bae’s net worth is valued at $75million.

His net worth comes from representing the legacy of his family, which has been involved in the food business for almost 300 anos.

He earned his money from the empire of restaurants he opened and from his career as a butcher and chef.

Apart from his culinary success, Salt Bae has also become a social media influencer and an author.

This sees him earn more revenue from his social media channels and the books he has written.

Salt Bae’s social media boost came from when he went viral in 2017 for sprinkling salt over meat by having his arm over his elbow and flicking the salt over.

The image of him turned into a meme that many recreated with different scenarios and it also saw many celebrities visit his restaurants and making him even more popular around the world.