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La NEIGE tombe dans le nord dans le plongeon de l'Arctique, mais la période de chaleur devrait revenir – voici quand

SNOW has fallen in the north as Britain shivers in an Arctic plunge.

And temperatures are set to dip again tonight into single figures before a warm spell returns.

Snow has fallen at Cairn Gorm

Snow has fallen at Cairn GormCrédit: Twitter
The white covering comes as Brits shiver in an Arctic plunge

The white covering comes as Brits shiver in an Arctic plungeCrédit: Twitter

It comes as millions of mourners queue for up to 25 hours through the night to pay their respects to our late Queen lying in state.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern warned: “The chilly nights this week are something to bear in mind if you’re heading to London.

La nuit dernière, snow fell and began to coat the summit at Cairn Gorm, a 4,084ft mountain in the Écossais Highlands.

Iain Cameron, who studies snow-patches on British hills, écrit en ligne: “It’s not much, but is definitely a start.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna added last night: “A slight wintry element to showers over the Cairngorms just recently it appearsair temperatures have just dipped below zero.

Temperatures dropped as low as 3C last night near Edinburgh. And tonight will still be chilly, although slightly warmer with most of the country around 9C.

But today will be dry and bright for most, with temperatures forecast to reach 18C in Bournemouth.

Tomorrow also is set to start off with some sunshine in the South, with temperatures expected to be a degree or so higher than today.

Temperatures next week could also rise above average to highs of 24C and an Indian Summer is on the cards next month.

The Met Office’s long range forecast for September 30 à octobre 14 suggests there will be high pressure, dry and above average temperatures.

It will follow arctic temperatures as low as 4C overnight, potentially set to cause frost.

The Met Office defines an Indian Summer as a calm spell of la météo occurring in autumn, and it often follows a period of frostiness.

Its current long-range forecast for the start of next month says: “We are likely to continue seeing a northwest/southeast split through the end of September and into October.

This means wetter and windier weather is more likely across the north and west; meanwhile high pressure centred close to the south of the UK means that drier weather is more likely here.

Temperatures generally above average for this period.

But spokesman Grahame Madge said it is far too early to call whether an Indian Summer is in store for Brits yet.

Brits face warmer weather in the coming weeks. Picture taken in London last month.

Brits face warmer weather in the coming weeks. Picture taken in London last month.Crédit: Alamy