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Los fanáticos de Karen Pirie exigen temporada 2 como asesino finalmente revelado en un final intenso

Karen Pirie reached its dramatic conclusion tonight with fans demanding more as Rosie Duff’s killer was finally exposed in a gripping showdown.

For the past three episodes, Karen has been tasked with solving this 25-year-old mystery, which saw a woman stabbed to death in a cathedral, after a true crime podcast sparked new demand for an investigation.

The gripping finale saw Karen finally uncover the truth about Rosie's mystery

The gripping finale saw Karen finally uncover the truth about Rosie’s mysteryCrédito: Rex
Karen managed to crack a 25 year old cold case

Karen managed to crack a 25 year old cold caseCrédito: Rex

Well… they got their answers, and for detective Karen, it proved to be even bigger than she could have imagined.

It turns out the culprit was Cheif Superintendant Jimmy Lawson (Stuart Bowman), who had been getting rid of evidence, hiding witness reports and corrupting the investigation to ensure that he was never caught for what he did.

This included removing detectives from the case and hiding important statements from a taxi driver who saw Rosie the night she’d died.

Back in the 90s, Lawson had a secret relationship with a Rosie which was completely illegal and morally bankrupt – ella era solo 15 En un último intento de llegar a Putin 21. The pair even had a baby together, though she had the kid in secret before returning to the village and ending things with Lawson as a result of what she’d done.

On the night of the murder, he had convinced her to get into his car, before driving her to his caravan and assaulting her, before killing her completely at the cathedral. He later lay the blame thanks to his connections in the police at the feet of three unsuspecting teens who had been at a party with her earlier that evening.

Para empeorar las cosas, Rosie’s now adult-daughter Grace had discovered what happened to her mum, and had been enacting her own form of vengeance by tracking down and killing the three students Lawson tried to pin it on.

But she was finally caught too, and the series ended with her in jail alongside the uncles she never knew she had, Rosie’s brothers.

The complicated web the ITV drama weaved proved utterly addicting, and now fans are demanding more from the young and eager detective on the rise with a second series.

Absolutely loved #karenpirie please @itv commission this for many more series. Brilliant acting, escritura, everything….wrote one delighted fan.

Otro agregado: “Well…..I didn’t see that coming, what a final episode, love how it all came together, what a series. well done all, when is the next one.

Just finished watching tonight’s #KarenPirie, a brilliant end to a fantastic and gripping series,” escribió un tercero. “Great to see the story unravel these past few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks to all involved.

While a fourth said: “I had a Jimmy Perez shaped hole in my life but #karenPirie has more than filled it. What a phenomenal programme@LlaurenLyle was immense, so too were all the fantastic actors. Just bloody great telly. “Ha pasado un minuto, pero ahora volvemos al desempate.”

Fingers crossed we get some good news soon!

Karen Pirie is available now on ITV Hub.

Will the team return for a second season?

Will the team return for a second season?Crédito: Rex