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Cory Wharton, de Teen Mom, revela que vai lutar boxe como estrela de reality show

TEEN Mom OG notable Cory Wharton has revealed he will be boxing a fellow reality star as fans beg him not to hurt his opponent.

Cory, 31, is no stranger to physical contests as he has made a name for himself competing in MTV’s The Challenge.

Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton announced he is going to fight reality TV and social media star Chase DeMoor

Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton announced he is going to fight reality TV and social media star Chase DeMoorCrédito: Não conhecido, limpar com mesa de fotos
Cory and Chase are scheduled to fight July 30th, 2022 at the arena in Los Angeles

Cory and Chase are scheduled to fight July 30th, 2022 at the arena in Los AngelesCrédito: INSTAGRAM/Social Gloves Entertainment

The star announced the fight with an Postagem no Instagram featuring a pay-per-view promo poster.

The poster shows a flexing Cory across from the composed Too Hot to Handle cast member Chase DeMoor, 26.

Before starring in the Netflix reality series, the self-proclaimedbest hands on TikTokfirst garnered attention by displaying his unbelievable catching ability on the social media platform.

The social media star also boasts an impressive college football career, playing at Central Washington University and well as participating in two bowl games.

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Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd & Cory Wharton slammed for ‘blowing moneyon pre-K prom

Cory possesses an impressive record in his own right, as he complete and won several challenges during his stint on MTV’s The Challenge.

The Teen Mom OG star has shown off his impressive physique and durability while on the show as well as showcasing his skills No instagram.

Cory captioned the post: “It’s TIME Finally we are here, That’s right people I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking part in the NO MORE TALK card on July 30th at Arena in Los Angeles.

Ele continuou: “I finally get to step in the ring & get my foot in the door. I’m gonna take advantage of this opportunity I’m gonna work harder than ever before!!”

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Loose Women star rushed to hospital after fracturing leg

He concluded the caption, adicionando “I’ll see y’all in the ring July 30th!!” and punctuation with a boxing glove emoji.

Both friends and fans alike took to the post’s comment section to discuss the recent announcement.

Zach Davis, Cory’s ex Cheyenne Floyd‘s y fiancé and co-parent to their daughter Ryder, escrevi: “Let’s get it, we in there!!”

Three-time MTV’s The Challenge champion Derrick Kosinski posted several hands-raised emojis while another Challenge alum, Hunter Barfield, commentedLet them hands fly!”

Some commenters seemed to think the fight is already in the bag.

Um fã escreveu: “Easy win for you,” while another commenter added, “The pic says it all. You already won, my guy!!!!”

Alguns fãs, porém, feared for the safety of Cory’s opponent with one person writing: “Don’t hurt Chase too bad!!”.

A second less concerned person commented: “He’s not going to do well…”

While Cory prepares for his fight on July 30th, he has been dealing with family struggles outside the ring.


Cory and girlfriend Taylor Selfridge recently opened up about their newborn daughter’s scary health diagnosis in a new video.

The couple shared the details of their baby girl’s terrifying battle three weeks after her birth.

Taylor, 28, shared the heartwarming video nas redes sociais, showing the moment she and Cory’s daughter came into the world.

No clipe, Taylor laid in a hospital bed, preparing to deliver their daughter while her baby daddy supported her from her bedside.

A team of doctors and nurses surrounded the mother, who had the sweet baby in her arms seconds later.

Contudo, their daughter spent the next several weeks in the NICU due to a terrifying health crisis, which Taylor and Cory explained in the video.

Recorded weeks before their baby girl’s arrival, the pair recounted the difficult moment they learned of their daughter’s health concerns.

“Em fevereiro, I had my anatomy scan, which you get around, Como, 20 semanas – eu era 22 semanas…and after the anatomy scan, they basically called us and told us that the lower right side of the baby’s heartshe began to explain before breaking down in tears.

Cory then passed his girlfriend a tissue, and she continued while wiping away tears.

The right side of the baby’s heart was concerning. Depois disso, they didn’t tell us what it was like; we didn’t know what it was yet. E entao, I had, Como, a week before they were going to give me another anatomy [scan] and an echo [echocardiogram].

And they had, Como, put on the chart, Como, all sorts of different things that it might be, so I was a mess trying to Google everything,” the mom of two admitted.

And then I had another anatomy scan, then basically they found a name for it. It’s called ‘tricuspid atresia.’ Então, basically, the lower right side of her heart didn’t form properly. It’s smaller.

And so what that means is that, Como, when she’s born, she’s gonna need probably three surgeries, possibly only two. Which we hope for only two, obviously.

Cory chimed in: “We’re praying for only two.


Taylor continued to explain what was in store for the little one once she was born.

The first one [cirurgia] would be the first week of her life. The second would be around six months, e [a] third would be around two years old.

And these are all open-heart surgeries, Como, these are all very significant,” she worriedly concluded.

Corey again added with a solemn expression: “It’s scary.

The video had a happy ending as the frame then flashed to their precious baby girl, Maya Grace, crying in her hospital crib.

Taylor expressed her gratitude in the caption, days after the new parents of two brought the newborn home from the hospital.

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Ela escreveu: “Maya’s birth is now on YouTube. I’m so grateful to look back at the place we were in just a few weeks ago compared to being home with our baby now.

Please keep sharing your stories with me! I read as many of them as I can and they make me so happy to see.

Chase on Netflix's Too Hot to Handle

Chase on Netflix’s Too Hot to HandleCrédito: NETFLIX
Cory flexes his muscles on Instagram

Cory flexes his muscles on InstagramCrédito: INSTAGRAM/corywharton_ig
All this comes after Cory and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge welcomed their second child Maya

All this comes after Cory and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge welcomed their second child MayaCrédito: Instagram/corywharton_ig