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Voglio vendicarmi di mio marito traditore con un ragazzo che mi ha preso in giro

CARO DEIDRE: REVENGE is best served cold – and I got mine on a guy who’s messed me about.

I stood him up when he’d booked us a hotel for an afternoon of nookie.

But it’s not solved my main problem.

Sono 47 and married. Mio marito, 53, is a womaniser.

He’s cheated on me, so I thought I’d do the same.

I went on a website offering hook-ups and a guy aged 43 got in touch last summer.

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We planned to meet but then he ghosted me.

Three months later, he WhatsApped, saying he’d been “busy” but was available for sex again.

I thought he’d got a cheek.

So I said yes and let him book a posh hotel.

Then I left him stranded.

I still want to get revenge on my husband though.

DEIDRE DICE: This guy may now have got the message but scoring points where your marriage is concerned is a very dangerous game.

ok, so your husband shouldn’t have cheated, but playing him at his own game won’t help your relationship.

Rather than jeopardising what you have left, talk to your husband about how hurt you are.

Ask that you both commit to one another so that your relationship is strong.

Il mio pacchetto di supporto, Relationship MOT, explains how.