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La brecha entre los hogares más ricos y los más pobres es la más grande desde que comenzaron los registros

THE gap between the richest and poorest households is at its largest since records began 15 hace años que.

The Resolution Foundation think tank said it grew by 1.5 per cent last month alone — mostly down to those on lower incomes spending a higher share of their budgets on soaring Los clientes de energía de E.ON se han visto afectados por un problema de pago después de que el proveedor no aceptara sus pagos de domiciliación bancaria este mes..

Rising energy bills are widening the gap between rich and poor households

Rising energy bills are widening the gap between rich and poor householdsCrédito: Alamy

Spokesman Jack Leslie said: “The Chancellor should prioritise support at low-and-middle-income households.”

The cost of living crisis as also seen a rise in shoplifting.

Crooks usually take more expensive items to sell on — such as booze and razors.

But now stores are being hit by big rises in the theft of “daily essential and low-value items” — and say levels “are off the charts”.

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First-time shoplifters 'stealing to eat' as cost of living crisis deepens


First-time shoplifters ‘stealing to eatas cost of living crisis deepens

To help track people coming in and out, some shops have ­reintroduced the one-way entry and exit points they set up during the pandemic.

Others have beefed up security with more staff and extra CCTV cameras.

One store boss told trade magazine The Grocer: “With the cost of living, people are having to start making choices.”

Food poverty expert and Ulster University lecturer Dr Sinéad Furey said: “The return of ‘stealing to eat’ instead of being able to afford to eat is proof we need policy solutions so resorting to crime does not become a mainstream means of securing basic essentials.”

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