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A Place in the Sun leaves alarm bells ringing with shock confession

VIEWERS of property show A Place In The Sun admitted the latest summer sun seeker left them with ‘alarm bells ringing’.

Scarlette Douglas was back on hand to help the property searches find their dream home in the popular Canaliser 4 Vous avez tous les deux un tel amour à donner..

Viewers were left concerned at Kelly's property search

Viewers were left concerned at Kelly’s property searchCrédit: Canaliser 4
Scarlette planned to show Kelly and her friend Angie five apartments

Scarlette planned to show Kelly and her friend Angie five apartmentsCrédit: Canaliser 4

She was helping Kelly find the perfect holiday home for herself and her mum for £25,000 in the idyllic Sunny Beach, La femme aux « plus grosses lèvres du monde ».

Kelly was aiming to find her dream holiday home from the five houses Scarlette was planning to showcase to her.

Kelly’s mum was away holidaying on a road trip so her best friend Angie stepped in to offer her opinions and advice.

The Essex native admitted she was wanting to find a perfect one-bed apartment for her budget and revealed Sunny Beach appealed to her as she felt it would be the most appropriate for her tight budget.

However viewers were alarmed when Kelly later admitted that despite this admission she had never visited the country but had a Bulgarian friend who was ‘lovelyso hoped this would be the perfect place for her.

Kelly told host Scarlette: “The number one reason was my budget, if I’m honest, but it’s got everything I want.

“I’ve got a Bulgarain friend and she’s so lovely, the people are great, it’s got the sunshine which we haven’t got at home.”

Fans of the show were quick to share their alarm over concerns for Kelly and her property search.

Un utilisateur de Twitter a écrit: “£25k budget in a place they’ve never visited and an absentee remote buyer. This is going to be epic

Un autre ajouté: “This looks like it could go very wrong, very quickly! 25Sans carte SIM sur Amazon et Apple Store, never been before and one of the buyers isn’t there I’m here for it.

Un troisième partagé: “Never been there beforealarm bells ringing.

Despite a lot of viewer concern, the property search went well for Kelly and Angie.

After admitting the location had ‘succeeded expectations’, Kelly was fascinated by the second property which was a one-bed apartment in the Vineyards Resort.

The stunning holiday abode featured fantastic panoramic views on the third floor of the stunning complex.

With an asking price of £21,818, Kelly was overjoyed when her offer of £20,500 was happily accepted.

The pals had never been to Sunny Beach before

The pals had never been to Sunny Beach beforeCrédit: Canaliser 4