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Robaron a Gemma Collins en México durante sus vacaciones antes de revelar el horror

GEMMA Collins has opened up about the terrifying moment she was robbed during a holiday abroad.

The 41-year-old was in Mexico when she discovered her hotel room has ben ransacked while she was on a night out.

Gemma has opened up about a terrifying holiday experience

Gemma has opened up about a terrifying holiday experienceCrédito: Instagram
She also shared her top tips for safe travel with her listeners

She also shared her top tips for safe travel with her listenersCrédito: Instagram

Anterior Sabe estrella Gema dicho: “I went to Mexico once and was going out for dinner, when I came back my room had been robbed.

It’s really scary because you are abroad. Always make sure you put things in the safe.

Speaking on her pódcast, Gemma shared her top travel tips for staying safe.

Ella continuó: “If you are travelling, I would say, do your research, get to know the destination in-depth. Check the weather, I always check the weather.

“También, make sure your suitcases are locked because you never know. If someone sees me checking in at an airport, they’re probably thinking ‘there’s a Louis Vuitton there, I’m gonna swipe it’.

I always make sure I lock my cases and always have your important documents to hand.

Always let your friends and family know where you’re travelling to.

Gemma told how she even takes precautions when she’s in the UKletting her agent Mark know where she is at all times.

Ella dijo: “I always send my live location to save Mark ringing me a hundred times a day.

I send him my live location for eight hours so he can track me for eight hours of the day.