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SAS Rogue Heroes all have the same complaint about BBC’s WW2 drama

SAS ROGUE Heroes viewers have all said the same thing about the latest episode of the BBC show.

SAS Rogue Heroes returned to screens on Sunday and the new episode saw the newly-founded regiment take on its first mission.

BBC viewers aren't too happy with the series

BBC viewers aren’t too happy with the seriesCrédito: BBC
some viewers weren't too happy with the choice of soundtrack used during the episode and the use of cursing words

some viewers weren’t too happy with the choice of soundtrack used during the episode and the use of cursing wordsCrédito: BBC

They suffered some tragic losses and the story is based on real events.

However some viewers weren’t too happy with theexcessiveuse of swearing during the episode as well as the choice of soundtrack.

Some viewers felt there were too manyF-wordsand all the swearing didn’t feelauthentic.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One viewer wrote: “Tonight’s instalment was the best yet. But why is there so many f-words? All the swearing just doesn’t feel authentic. And the smashing soundtrack is smashing up some really good scenes.

Another viewer wrote: “SAS Rogue Heroes has a rock soundtrack, a lot of swearing and joyfully stresses how mad all the protagonists must be. It’s a prepubescent idea of war.

Um terceiro escreveu: “Hmm. Virtually inaudible speech. When audible, only swearing. Awful and out of place ersatz Springsteen soundtrack. But thrilling story.

Um quarto adicionado: “[object Window], I’m on board. #SASRogueHeroes is good fun. I’ll put away my nit-picking Historian hat and just enjoy the Commando-comic in live action. Sterling didn’t swear thoughbit grating.

While a fifth raged: “I hated it, I’m telling you my grandfather was out there and received an MBE in El Alamein and I never heard him swear in his entire life. Why spoil it, its lazy writing!”

The historical BBC drama tells the story of the brave fighter who went against all odds.

David Stirling (played by Connor Swindells) spent months preparing his team for their first mission.

Some viewers felt there was too many "f words" and all the swearing "just doesn't feel authentic

Some viewers felt there was too manyf wordsand all the swearingjust doesn’t feel authenticCrédito: BBC