DISNEY has been known for making people stars at a very young age.

Christy Carlson Romano, 37, was one of those stars and is most famously known for her role as Ren Stevens on Even Stevens along with being the voice of Kim Possible.

Christy Carlson Romano is a former Disney Channel star

Christy Carlson Romano is a former Disney Channel starクレジット: ゲッティ


While many stars walk away from ディズニー with millions to their name, Romano was quite the opposite.

8月に 26, 2021, she revealed that she actuallylost millionsof her Disney money.

According to a video the star posted on YouTube, Romanoblewmost of her money onbig ticket itemssuch as Ralph Lauren, a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and a psychic who “managed to get a lot of money from [彼女].」

“Then I had this money at my disposal,” Romano said. “I was never told how much money I was making. Money didn’t have a purpose for me, I didn’t really know what it was. I just knew that I had it and didn’t care about it.”

Following her Disney Channel days, Romano reveled that she ended up taking roles in “movies [彼女] didn’t want to do” just to make ends meet.

"基本的に, I did a nude scene,” she recalled. “I had never thought in a million years that I would ever do something like this. I was America’s sweetheart, morally sound in my mind. I believed in the Disney magic, I still do. And then I felt so exploited and marked and horrible.”

While many reports online say that Romano has an estimated net worth of $3 百万, she set the record straight and revealed she’s by no means a millionaire but isOK now.

“I am not a millionaire in any way, 形または形, I’m just a mom monetizing my channel, doing sponsored content, 楽しんで, working when I can.

It is unknown what her exact net worth is today.

While Romano seems to have slowed down her acting career, these days she focuses on her nostalgic YouTube channel where she features other television stars, including Halloweentown’s Kimberly J. 褐色, Full House’s Jodie Sweetin and Lizzie McGuire’s Lalaine.

Was Christy Carlson Romano bullied as a child?

Romano has recently been using her YouTube channel to talk about her Disney days.

Alongside her videoHow I Lost All My Money,” she did one about, Why I Don’t Talk To Shia LaBeouf,” そして “The Truth About The Disney Channel.

8月に 31, 2021, Romano uploaded her most recent video in the series titled, “What My Celebrity Bullies Taught Me,” where she opened up about “トラウマ” she received as a child star.

I got bullied by a lot of kids. Some of them were famous,” the former Disney Channel star revealed. “実際には, one of my biggest bullies is a really huge star. Kind of weird to see themdoing huge franchise movies.

While she never revealed the name of thishuge star,” the Cadet Kelly actress went on to say that she has beenseeking closurefrom her childhood bullies.

“おもう, 最終的に, it’s because I really want to be accepted,” 彼女は続けた, 追加する前に, “But you’re not gonna get that closure from most people in life. You have to bring it to yourself. And that really sucks, especially when it comes to bullying. Especially when it comes to the trauma you have to live with on a daily basis.

While Romano has been dealing with the “トラウマ,” she revealed that she’s been able to put herself in a different mindset.

I like myself, so I don’t really care as much about what everyone else is thinking,” 彼女は言いました, before concluding her video.

YouTubeビデオで, she revealed that the reports of her having a $3 million net worth are completely false and that she is "not a millionaire"

YouTubeビデオで, she revealed that the reports of her having a $3 million net worth are completely false and that she isnot a millionaireクレジット: ゲッティ

Is Christy Carlson Romano married?

While Romano’s Disney days are behind her, outside of YouTubing, she also went on to get married and start a family.

に 2013, Romano married Brendan Rooney, who is known as a film producer and aspiring television cook.

Prior to a career in entertainment, Rooney served in the Marine Corps from 2001-2005.

The couple went on to have two children together, イザベラ, 4, and Sophia, 2.