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Ronan Keating reveals heartbreaking reason why he’s ruled out Boyzone reunion

RONAN Keating has ruled out a Boyzone 30th anniversary reunionand revealed the heartbreaking reason why.

The singer and presenter has revealed that the band couldnever come to termswith working as a four after Stephen Gately tragically passed away in 2009.

Ronan, who is now working with Costa, revealed Boyzone wouldn't do a reunion

Ronan, who is now working with Costa, revealed Boyzone wouldn’t do a reunionCrédito: Costa
He said the band would not do a 30th anniversary tour

He said the band would not do a 30th anniversary tourCrédito: Getty – Contribuinte

Ronan, 45, has confirmed that he plans to meet up with his former bandmates Shane Lynch, Keith Duffy and Mike Graham in 2023.

Contudo, he confirmed that fans will not be treated to a 30th anniversary reunion after the fifth member of the Irish band died.

Stephen tragically passed away from a heart condition in 2009, with Ronan insisting it hasnever workedfor him since.

Ele disse: “We will probably get together and have dinner. For me the band ended when Stephen passed.

I’ve never been able to come to terms with the band as a four-
piece. It’s never worked for me. I miss him when I’m on stage.

So for me, we went out on a high after 25 anos. We wrote that final chapter. We did a world tour.

I have a great relationship with all the lads. I don’t want to tarnish that and I think it’s nice to have that positive look on that.

Ronan focuses his attentions on co-hosting Magic Breakfast, as well as BBC evening programme The One Show.

But he has also turned his attentions to a new venture, recently becoming Costa Coffee’s ‘Director of Love’, giving away millions of free brews across the UK.

Appearing in a hilarious new short film, the singer is seen is on a mission to woo coffee lovers, delivering coffee serenades at stores.

“I was honoured to be asked to be the Director of Love. I’m quite well known for my love songs! It’s something I’m very passionate about. I’m a big coffee lover so it’s quite exciting to be a part of this,” ele disse.

It comes after Ronan penned a heartfelt tribute to his best friend Stephen Gately, 13 anos depois de sua morte.

Stephen was one of the original members of Boyzone when he joined the band in 1993 alongside Ronan.

He died early on the morning of October 10, 2009 while on holiday in Majorca. His body was discovered by his husband Andrew Cowles.

Ronan Keating is working with Costa Coffee on a new campaign giving away millions of free coffees between 17 e 24 novembro.

Download the Costa Coffee Club app to find out more.

Stephen tragically passed away in 2009

Stephen tragically passed away in 2009Crédito: Getty – Contribuinte